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  1. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    Tried that too, to no avail. It had an error when installing the drivers during the HTC Sync install. So I guess it didn't install them.

  2. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    I got it!

    I tried a different computer, and installed the Revolutionary drivers first, and then when that didn't work I installed the HTC Sync drivers, and the same thing happened.

    So I tried yet another computer, and this time I installed the HTC Sync drivers first, and didn't even install the Revolutionary drivers at all, and voila! It worked!
  3. ssleepyz

    ssleepyz New Member

    Okay, I ended up still using this method in case since I have to send my phone in for warranty. After flashing the STOCK GB rom, I flashed the 2nd file. Of course, before doing this, I performed the unlocking the perm bootloader. Anyways in the end, in HBoot,
    the top has a purple/pink LOCKED title
    mecha xd ship s-on
    hboot 1.05.0000

    Did I do everything correctly?
  4. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Glad it worked for you, sorry I have been busy just got a chance to check back here

    It sounds like you have unrooted correctly :D
  5. ssleepyz

    ssleepyz New Member

  6. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    trying to unroot my phone from having the revolutionary method and in the adb commands it can't find my phone :(

    update: all it took was for me to restart both my computer and tbolt. The process to overwriting the revolutionary permanent hboot couldn't have been any more straight forward. I needed my phone to be unrooted so i can send it back because of the headphone jack not working properly and also the screen has become a lot less responsive :(
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  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    cool,glad you got it. its amazing what a simple reboot will fix. thanks for posting back the solution to your issue. :cool:
  8. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    I'm sad though. My bolt is so slow compared to when it was rooted. And ugly :( its a great chunk of hardware but sense really kills it
  9. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    So im pretty sure i succesfully unrooted my phone but just to be clear, the stock bootloader says "locked" at the top, correct?
  10. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Correct you are unrooted :D
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  11. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    updated "how to unroot" in OP,and "unroot with no screen or buttons" in post 5 for minor OTA 2.11.605.9 :)
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  12. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    So I was having this phone call problem, where my voice would cut in and out, and at first I thought it was an AOSP bug, but nobody else seemed to be having that bug. So I swapped to a couple of different Sense roms, including the rooted-stock 605.9 rom, and the problem if anything got worse. So I called customer service, and they are sending me a new Bolt.

    I was a little nervous about unrooting, because it looked more complicated than rooting.
    But I followed the directions on the first post of this thread, and all went perfectly.
    The whole process only took about 20 minutes, and now I am completely stock again. My new bolt will be in the mail either tomorrow or the next day, and I can return this phone with confidence. Thank you for this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    glad it was helpful :)
  14. -XIV-

    -XIV- New Member

    Now that HTC has released the UNLOCK tool for the does that play in with this method?? Maybe now I'm a bit more leaning towards finally attempting to ROOT my aging TBolt:)
  15. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    while i applaud htc for allowing their devices to be unlocked and modified,there are some "issues" with it,for more serious modders and rooters. it only "unlocks" system,boot,and recovery,its not completely unlocked and open like an s-off device.

    while the unlock method is fine for most folks,it does void "all or parts of your warranty" :eek: so id not reccomend it for folks that still have warranty,since we have a better,alternative method.

    right now,the current firmware(2.11.605.9) is downgradeable to revolutionary-able firmware(2.11.605.5) simply by flashing the lower firmware via hboot,or a RUU .exe file.

    in the future,OTA updates will certainly break this option,so unless a new exploit is found for downgrade,folks can either utilize HTCdev unlock as is,or use it to gain root and downgrade,wichever their particular needs may be. :)

    some more discussion on HTCdev vs s-off here:
  16. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    Are you saying that the Revolutionary method doesn't work on Bolts running 605.9? Because mine (only bought a couple of months ago) shipped with 605.9 and I used the revolutionary method. I don't remember downgrading first. Maybe it shipped with 605.5 and I am just remembering wrong.

    Nevermind, I assumed I had 605.9 because I had Gingerbread. But now I see that the 605.5 was the Gingerbread update, not the 605.9

    Carry on. :)
  17. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    When I root my new Bolt (probably this evening as it should arrive today) will I need to upgrade my radio to 605.9 radio?

    The reason I ask is because if I understand it correctly this is how I will proceed.
    Check the version when I get my phone. If it's 605.9 then I need to downgrade to 605.5. I can try just flashing the 605.5 RUU from Hboot, but if it does not allow me because S-on doesn't allow downgrades, then I will need to use the HTC unlock tool to unlock my bootloader. Then I need to flash the 605.5 RUU, and then I can run Revolutionary.
    After my phone is rooted though, I will be on 605.5.
    I will flash a custom rom, but my radio will still be whatever radio came with the 605.5 update, which is not the newest radio if I understand correctly.
    So would I stand to gain anything by flashing the newer radio? Is there a file somewhere that has just the radio and not the entire RUU?

    Also I can't find the HTC bootloader unlock tool anywhere. Has that been released yet?

    Thanks in advance!

    I did find the HTC tool, but it requires entering your S/N on thier site, so I can definitely see that voiding my warranty, so I'll probably pass unless there is no other way. But from what I see you saying, people have had no problem downgrading from 605.9 to 605.5 even with the locked bootloader. I hope that works for me!

    So if I run the 605.9 RUU after I root, will it overwrite the raidio and rom, but not the bootloader, since the bootloader is S-off forever? Or will it not update at all, because of the bootloader? Can I even run the RUU with clockworkmod as my recovery? I had read somewhere you have to have a stock recovery to flash an RUU.
  18. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Mmm,sort of ;)

    Im at work now,ill respond with some detail later tonite :)
  19. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    Cool, thanks!
  20. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    hope thats answered all your questions :)

    to recap:
    -if its on 605.9,run 605.5 RUU.
    -root with revolutionary
    -install 605.9 radio in hboot
    -optionally,install custom recovery of choice in hboot if you choose not to allow revolutionary to flash clockwrk
    -flash custom rom of choice
    -profits :D
  21. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    Thank you for taking the time to explain all of this to me. I really appreciate it.

    What is the difference between an OTA and an RUU?

    Fortunately, my phone shipped with 605.0
    When I was using it prior to having the time to root, it tried to download an update (605.9 I believe) and I just cancelled it prior to it even finishing the download both times that it tried. So I just downloaded the 605.5 OTA linked in this thread, and flashed it first. Right after that I ran revolutionary, installed clockworkmod recovery from the revolutionary program, flashed superuser app from recovery (not sure if that's absolutely necessary or not, but it's in one of the steps). The reason I say I am not sure if it's necessary, because when I flashed my rom of choice (Liquid GB 3.2) it has superuser built-in as well. But anyway, everything went off without a hitch.

    Thanks so much for the help!

    I am very thankful I was able to use Revolutionary and I didn't have to mess with HTCdev.

    But as I suspected, I am now on the 605.5 radio. Is it as simple as flashing the 605.9 radio in Hboot (backing-up beforehand of course, just in case)? Does a recovery backup back up the radio?

    And I have one more question if you don't mind. And I have searched for the answer prior to asking, I promise. I just haven't found an answer that really makes sense to me. What is the difference between rooting and unlocking the bootloader? I mean, I know what unlocking the bootloader means. I thought I knew what rooting meant, but maybe not. I thought they were one in the same, but I keep seeing them referred to as seperate tasks, so now I'm not sure. Is installing an app like superuser qualify as rooting?

    I lied. I said I only had one more question, but I really have two. :)
    And if this is a question I should ask in the thread for my specific rom, just say so and I will.
    But I think maybe it's a universal question, irrespective of rom. But here is the question. I have several different email accounts that I sync on my phone, two pop accounts and one exchange account. I prefer the default android mail app, and I don't ever use the gmail app, because I don't want to use one app for my gmail account, and another app for my other two email accounts. If I wanted to uninstall the gmail app (which my rom allows me to do) would it hurt anything. Would gmail still sync just fine through the standard Android email app, even though the gmail app is gone? Thanks!!!
  22. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    OTA=Over The Air update

    RUU=Rom Updater Utility. techincally it is refering to .exe files that are run on PC with the phone plugged in to update.however,it has become a somewhat universal term that references stock images,so when most people say "RUU" they are refering to a stock image,wether it be in the form of a PG05IMG file,or a .exe application.

    yes,as i mentioned above,just download the 605.9 radios from the radio,recovery,hboot thread,and flash them in hboot :)

    also,to other folks reading this,you did not need to flash the 605.5 firmware. revolutionary will root anything up to 605.5,so you could have just run it out of the box. the important thing is that the phone cannot be any higher than 605.5. i.e.,if it had come with that,youd need to go backwards to 605.5 or lower(605.5 being prolly the only option with an s-on hboot)
  23. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member


    For what it's worth, I knew you said that. I just wanted to really be sure, so I don't jack up my phone. I had read somewhere else that flashing a radio was much more complicated, so I just wanted to be sure.

    Ah, good to know. I just wasn't sure about older versions being Revolutionary compatible, so I knew for a fact that 605.5 would work, so I didn't want take any chances. But I'll know next time. Thanks.
  24. TambourineMan

    TambourineMan Well-Known Member

    I installed the SuperUser recommended on the Revolutionary webpage at the item/link entitled:

    Does Revolutionary give me root?
    No. You will need to flash this zipfile (Superuser-3.0.7-efgh-signed)from recovery.

    public:revolutionary [RootWiki]

    But I see in Scotty85's post # 1 above there is a better one (for sense ROMs):

    '*Superuser for newer sense roms
    this is a better superuser to use,IMO,than the one linked on revolutionarys site. this is the one i personally use to root RUUs,etc. revolutionarys obviously works as well,but heres the link for those that want it: Working Superuser/su for newer Sense ROMs"

    So this is a real root newbie question. Can I just uninstall the Revolutionary one and install the one Scotty85 recommends?
  25. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Uninstalling the superuser app wont get rid of the such binary,but I do not think you would have a prollem simply flashing the other superuser.

    Make a nandroid backup first,just in case ;)

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