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  1. bpurs001

    bpurs001 New Member

    After about a month of receiving no ticker notifications whatsoever, I finally started getting them randomly the other day. The only problem is that I cannot open any of them, it force closes every time. Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. samsunguser

    samsunguser New Member

    i am no longer receiving ticker feeds. i took it to the store for help and they didn't help me at all. anyone experience the same problem?
  3. lpt2569

    lpt2569 Member

    My wife and I just lost our RSS feeds since yesterday for the second time in the past two months. My wife's phone was already replaced once, not sure what we (or Verizon) will do this time. This is getting frustrating, and not sure an update (if the Continuum even gets one) to 2.2 will help. :mad:
  4. SyTech

    SyTech Member

    RSS feeds are gone on my phone also. I've tried many things to get it working. NO LUCK.
  5. jeffwalker3959

    jeffwalker3959 Well-Known Member

    It won't be fixed until (hopefully) the 2.2 update which should be coming anytime now.. rumored since March18 and no action since. I am dying to find out the OFFICIAL release date, for it would be of great benefit for us Fascinate/Continuum users.

    Come on guys!
  6. SyTech

    SyTech Member

    I now call them the "Tick me off Feeds".
  7. lpt2569

    lpt2569 Member

    This is why I dumped mine, it was way too frustrating. I take it there is nothing out there as far as ticker customization for your rooted Continuum?
  8. jeffwalker3959

    jeffwalker3959 Well-Known Member

    The ticker is what the phone is all about, its a shame that there is a problem... the phone's a little buggy.

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