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  1. _kal_el_

    _kal_el_ Member

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I have a Superpad 2 Flytouch 3 with these features:

    Model Number: DISCO10
    Android Version: 2.2-20110529
    Kernel Version: zjd@dtlinuxserver #29
    Build Number: FRF85B

    So I decided to upgrade to Tim's Rom, the latest one. So I extracted the two files: Firmaware2 and Firmeware-discovery to the root of my SD. I inserted it on my TF slot and turned it on. It updated normaly, I guess but when the system loaded up the screen was all messed up like the picture I show below, its somehow cropped or out of place. If you see the image you'll understand. So I tried the Tim5a and the same happened.

    I would be thankful for any help on this subject
    Thanks in advance :)



  2. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    From SuperPad2 Flytouch3 Tim Rom Tips

    Different screen size / Screen offset if you have a 1024x576 screen
    As a general rule Do not flash another bootloader onto your pad unless stated otherwise. It is not needed for regular updates.

    If you have a x600 screen it should work out of the box with my roms
    If you have a x576 screen you will see an "offset" for your screen, simply launch the GScript application, scroll at the bottom and click on the 1024x576 fix. then reboot.
    You have to do that only once :)
    If ever it goes wrong, well that means that you have most likely flashed another bootloader before.
    Just put the bootloader for your screen and reflash the rom in that case.
  3. _kal_el_

    _kal_el_ Member

    Well, actually it worked, it's fixed!

    Thank you for your help. It was very useful.

    Warm hugs from Portugal

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