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Time clock

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  1. untermensch

    untermensch Member

    I'm a carpenter by trade, and would love a time clock to keep track
    of my hours, I envision a desktop widget with 3 buttons.

    a green button for start time, pressing the green button would log date and time it was pushed and note that I'm on the clock.

    a red button would do the same thing as the green button but note that I'm now off the clock.

    and then a view button that would allow me the edit the time entries (when I forget to log my start/stop time) select which days to include in the pay period, total the hours and send the info to a contact via SMS or

    the hours should be calculated to the nearest 1/4 hour and the total
    should be calculated like 40.50, 40.25, 40.75 hours, instead of 40:30
    40:15, 40:45.

    Thanks for considering writing this app.

  2. polyclef

    polyclef Active Member

    I'm currently working on a very similar app to log billable hours. You hit the start button and it starts logging your time. If you want, you can specify a name for the job/client and an hourly rate. You can close the app and return to it whenever you want. When you hit stop, it calculates your hours (in the format you noted) and multiplies them by the hourly rate (if any). You can then email the summary information to whoever you want (client/yourself).

    I'll post a notice here when it's available on the market.
  3. MikeAshelby

    MikeAshelby Member

    Let me add a seconder to this one! I'm self employed, and find it really hard to keep track of hours worked!

    Also, I'm new here, so let me know if any of the below is out of line, or too much information - but here are my thoughts on the matter!

    To be honest, in my simple vision I'd wondered about something as simple as a widget that was in itself a button - clicking it toggled between work time and non work time.

    Now for me, simplicity is key; for example our friend above suggests 3 buttons (start stop and view). Well, as we know from our music players, play becomes pause, so we have 2 buttons; start/stop and view.

    In essence, this is the prime functionality of the program, and ought be at the fore front of it's functionality. So, a start/stop widget would be ideal.

    Now, additional functionality that may be of use as I see it could be additional clocks (different categories for timings), and the ability to edit/add information. The two, as I see it, would be combined; when you view the list of the worked times, a long press allows you to edit. Uses for this could be add infomation (work carried out during the time, categorising the time) or editing the start/end times (you forget to turn the timer off in your rush to leave site, for example!). Also, there would be potential to export this information (via share?) for use in spreadsheets or e-mail.

    Saying all this, the basic feature, as I said right at the start, would be something that simply logged the 'on' time of an on/off switch/widget!

    So, yep, these are my thoughts. Let me know what you reckon!


  4. MikeAshelby

    MikeAshelby Member

    P.S. I've just checked out Polyclef's Billable - and it looks like an excellent piece of solftware. However, for me it doesn't fit the bill for the following reasons...

    My time is fractured. Since I work from home, and I'll go through numerous start/stop cyles in a day. As such, switching to an app, and going through the setup procedure each time doesn't suit - really for me it's more of a play/pause, than start/stop! The jobs aren't discreet, and different - it's all part of the same thing (or one of a number of things).

    As I say, for me, it's basically an app that would log the 'on' time of an on/off switch! Any more than that (ie, having a few independant switches!) would be a bonus...

    I know it probably sounds like a dull app - but it would be a massive help!


  5. SpotlightSix

    SpotlightSix New Member

    Hi. You might want to check out the "TimeClock" app.

    It's $1.99 and it does pretty much everything you want. It IS an app (not a widget), but there's no setup - everything is carried over from the last invocation. Just hit Start and Stop to your heart's content - then export the csv file via email attachment.

    So do a market search on "TimeClock" and check out the reviews - people love it!


    Spotlight Six Software
  6. llamalab

    llamalab Well-Known Member

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