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  1. kamai

    kamai New Member

    I've had a Huawei Sonic for about a month and have been quite happy with it -- until we got into September.

    For the past few days the time shown on my home screen -- big numerals -- is one hour ahead of the correct time. The time shown in the right hand corner of the narrow menu bar at the top of the screen -- small numerals -- is the correct time. The time shown in 'Settings---Date and Time', and in 'Select time zone' are also the correct time. The time shown when I boot the phone and before I unlock it, is the correct time.

    Can anyone explain this to me so that I can fix it? i have tried all the tricks suggested in other incorrect time posts and none of them correct my problem

  2. miket5au

    miket5au New Member

    I have the same problem. It is only the home screen / weather clock showing the wrong time. It seemed to happen on the 1st of September.
  3. GeorgieB

    GeorgieB New Member

    I am having the same problem, the large time on the home screen, it has been like that for me for 2 weeks, maybe confused with daylight savings which starts at end of Sept.
  4. paul.geertson

    paul.geertson New Member

    Hi folks. That's comforting to know that I'm not the only one having this problem with the home page clock being out of sync with the top right corner clock. This only occurred 2 days ago . I've done everything you guys have done to no avail. I've sent off an email to the support team at Contact Us - Huawei Australia who say they will respond within 24 hrs

    UPDATE I just noticed that my calendar ticked over to Monday and it's still sunday. It seems to be synced with the front page clock. so I've changed the time manually until I get an answer from Huawei support
  5. eurotech

    eurotech Member

    I just bought a Sonic on Sunday & have the same problem. I was going to return it but will now wait to see if Hauwei have a fix. I hope they reply more promptly than returning calls. I have left messages on there telephone over the last two days & they haven't responded as yet. A great phone so far considering the price, lets hope there are not too many bugs.
  6. eurotech

    eurotech Member

    Can anyone tell me how to access my sent texts on my Hauwei Sonic
  7. paul.geertson

    paul.geertson New Member

    Select your messaging icon and look for messages labeled "Me"
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  8. kamai

    kamai New Member

    Here's how to fix the incorrect time problem:

    1 Touch the 'Weather Clock' app
    2 On the four day weather screen, touch the 'Menu' button (next to the 'Home' button)
    3 Touch 'More'
    4 Type in the name of your city
    5 Edit the city time, do NOT select 'Automatic', select the correct time zone
    6 Save
    7 The problem should be corrected :):):):)
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  9. miket5au

    miket5au New Member

    I had to do one more thing as I was still seeing the wrong time after making the changes above,

    Tap the app so you get the four day forecast screen.

    You need to swipe sideways through the different cities until you find the one you just setup. Then touch the city name for a few seconds and then a dialog pops up saying the default is being changed.

    Now I get the right time.
  10. tommo

    tommo New Member

    Hi, People. Im new here. I also had the same problem in september with the time display also and i found a way to rectify the problem. I went to setting on the bottom of the phone, then touched date & time, then touched select time zone, then scrolled the page till i seen ( Sydney, Canberra GMT ) and selected it and then my phone had the time displays both the same on the top and bottom of the phone. Now im happy. Hope This Helps.

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