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  1. adelton

    adelton New Member


    I have Spica / i5700 with original Android 1.5, firmware i5700XXIL2.

    When I set the Date & time manually, after 12 hours the time is about five minutes late.

    When I enable Automatic, my time gets set to something between 45 minutes and 10 minutes off the correct time.

    My operator is Vodafone CZ.

    From your experience, is Spica supposed to keep the time clock fairly exact (five minute drift in 12 hours seems too much to me) and is it supposed to get the exact time automatically, with Android 1.5?

    Is this something which is likely to get better with Android 2.1 (Samsung still has to provide official update for my geographical location)?

    Or is it likely a (hardware) issue with my phone?

    Thank you,


  2. thehellboy

    thehellboy Member

    Usually these kind of problems occur because of Automatic time and manual time confusion. you either stick to your operator time or disable automatic setting and set your manual time.
    Android version has nothing to do with this, and I guess it wont be a hardware problem too. Check one more time.
  3. adelton

    adelton New Member

    Thank you. So if I just keep it at automatic, it should just work right and be kept up-to-date, right?

    What I did now, I've set time to automatic. Then I've turned the phone off and on.

    The time appeared to be exact after that reboot.

    I left it on automatic.

    After about two hours, the time is already five minutes behind.

    In the past, with Nokias, the time as provided by the operator was pretty acurate, that's why I think it's not a problem with my operator feeding me wrong time.
  4. Megs

    Megs Well-Known Member


    Have you tried calling the carrier's tech support line to see if there's an issue on their end/if they've come across this before?

    To me, it sounds almost like the internal battery for the clock isn't keeping up - some sort of hardware equivalent anyways. Kind of like how you'd get the same thing on your PC? I don't know whether its an actual battery or not but it doesn't sound like its something software related.

    I'd say to give Vodafone a call and see if that's been happening to anyone else. If its just you, chances are its just the phone in that case. Get them to replace it for being defective.

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