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  1. lipeng06

    lipeng06 Member

    after year and half, time for me to change my phone. wimax just too slow. not sure what model i should choose though. S3? HTC? Moto? i think most of the folks here also would have this question now or pretty soon. trying to get some ideas. anyone with any input will be appreciated. thanks all.

  2. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Well-Known Member

    I'd wait and see what's coming. I know the new Note is around the corner, and there is likely a new Nexus device coming soon as well. I wouldn't bite the LTE bullet yet, unless you are in a LTE market that is up and running already. Otherwise, you're stuck with just 3G.
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  3. Hawaiian_Geek

    Hawaiian_Geek Active Member

    Get the S3 because by the time LTE is in your area you'll already be ready for it. Or stick with the phone you have until LTE is in your area. Don't get a Motorola Photon LTE phone. Sprint Tech told me years ago that Motorola phones don't work well with the Sprint network. In fact another Sprint Tech told me the same thing a few weeks ago so obviously it hasn't changed. LOL!
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  4. greenghost2212

    greenghost2212 Well-Known Member

    My aunt just got the new moto phone and it works real well
  5. HTC.Me.Now

    HTC.Me.Now Member

    I second waiting to see what else is released. I'm sure there will be some Black Friday deals going on that could save you some money also.

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