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Time to move on...General

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  1. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    I would like to thank the Ally community and developers here on Android Forums for all the help over the past year and a half. My old Ally has served me well but it's time to retire it. After considering the Droid Razr and not knowing how I would act with a top of the line phone, I decided in the best ally tradition that the $45.00 Bionic from Amazon would do nicely for a cheap guy like me over the next two years. Anyway, thanks again for everyone’s help!:)

  2. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    By the way the files I have been hosting in this thread http://androidforums.com/ally-all-t...d-2-2-2-stock-rooted-updated-5-july-11-a.html
    and in http://androidforums.com/velocity/4...ly-android-2-2-2-froyo-sexy-sleek-stable.html will no longer be available starting April 12 from me so get them now if you want them. I made the nandroids in the first thread listed but anyone else wanting to host them is more than welcome to. I'm sure Savoxis would appreciate anyone willing to help host Velocity 1.2 but you'll have to contact him to get your links added to the second thread.
  3. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Well-Known Member Developer

    I'll have those files downloaded and hosted indefinitely when I get home.

    Good luck with your new phone!
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  4. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    Thanks! It's a big switch from Ally, that's for sure! :)
  5. Techrecycler

    Techrecycler Member

  6. jaison80

    jaison80 Well-Known Member

    what exactly are you looking for?
  7. toluan

    toluan Member

    I need one of the Velocity 1.1 or 1.2 roms
  8. Techrecycler

    Techrecycler Member

    I just need a copy of what was known as the last version (or known as the most stable) . 1.2.1 from what I read I believe. There were multiple last minute fixes as well, and meaning multiple 1.2.1 releases MAY have been downloaded. Truthfully, her phone sucks stock bad enough, any copy should blow it away :D
  9. jaison80

    jaison80 Well-Known Member

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  10. Techrecycler

    Techrecycler Member

  11. NightxFall

    NightxFall Well-Known Member

    StormDroid2.0 is the best ROM I've flashed so far :p, very fast compared to stock and other ROM's. I havent tried the new Velocity though. I was on it back when Trident(I think that was his name) was still developing it
  12. Techrecycler

    Techrecycler Member

    We didn't have the same experience with StormDroid 2.0. Random reboots galore with ANY overclocking of included kernel. Velocity 1.2.1 on the other hand is solid on 600 + the first two 700s clocks. Also feels quicker at similar clocks. Plus there just wasn't any denying her increased love for Velocity's theme differences. I'd say it's definitely worth a try for any Ally user. She will be on it till she takes over my Fascinate soon after my GS3's arrival.

    Fyi... I used the Sept 29th version with the Sept 30th patch since the day the archive link was graciously posted. Still runs great w/ no real apparent bugs. As well, on this level of hardware, FTL Launcher is key!...and free in the play store.

    As always... Happy flashing! ;)
  13. killersaint123

    killersaint123 New Member

    i am lookin for a velocity v1.2 link. could you post one please.
  14. jhcii

    jhcii Well-Known Member

    I also have left the loveable Ally - I have moved to the Lucid which is a great phone once you get the extended battery. I also had a "backup" Ally and have pretty much converted both to "mini tablets" for my little kids to use. I downloaded some movies, songs, and their favorite games to them so now when we go on trips each can watch whatever movie they want, music they want, or play their games without bugging each other so much! I highly recommend this for others as well.....
  15. abencsss

    abencsss Active Member

    I used to have an LG Ally but I gave it to my brother in January because I got a Galaxy Note 2 and Fascinate. LG Ally is a great phone but it's pretty old now and their is no development for it so I think it is time to move on as well. Except that Ally I gave to my brother finally died after about 2 years of using it endlessly. RIP LG Ally. xD But the LG Ally is a pretty strong phone.
  16. swc2001

    swc2001 Well-Known Member

    Just checking in!!
    I havent posted here in probably over a year. The Ally was my first Android. I loved it. THe developing for it was HUGE!! I still have one that works perfect. I keep it as a back up phone. One cool thing you can do with it is turn it into a WiFi phone. All you need is a Google Voice Number, the Google Voice app, and the Groove IP app. Now you have a phone where ever there is free WiFi!! How cool is that?!! Doing this is a great way to get cheap but reliable phone service for kids so they can call you from school, or the mall. And the best part is NO Contracts... its free!! :D
  17. swc2001

    swc2001 Well-Known Member

    Well happy new year old forum! This is where my android experience began, and I thank you little Ally for teaching me so much!

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