Time to RE-ROM, and need handholding

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  1. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    This DX has been wonderfully stable for a long, long time - and in my 8th decade it's understandable that I've forgotten how it got to its current state, which is:

    Rooted (with Pete's, IIRC)
    Gummy Shadow 1.2.0
    Operating on Verizon, via PagePlus (prepay)

    Functionality is perfectly stable but it's become slower and slower, and battery usage has become very poor despite discipline and Juice Defender. I bought a new battery, then tried a battery from someone else's phone - no improvement even when I duplicated the settings on his DX. I deleted a lot of apps, then used a task killer to keep things simple. Still, battery life with either a BH5X or BH6X is 2-3 hours, when it once ran for a full day. Something's wrong.

    So - I need either a new phone or a full refresh, and prefer the latter with a newer/better ROM. To achieve that, I will need recommendations, plus a careful step-by-step to help me avoid deadly errors.

    OR - I'd gladly stay where I am if someone could diagnose the @^#!& battery-sucker.

    THANKS, Gurus

  2. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    several updated ROMs
    wizards miui is popular
    cm7 likely gets best battery life
    links to ROM threads in my list
    under DX
    sd_shadow's list of links for Droid FAQs, SBF, Rooting, ROMs.... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Goawxdx_UBF4Y8lqzHYWf8Ha3yUcRK4faq0UWIlXLWA/edit

    download the ROM you like
    boot to cwm recovery (press power/ reboot/ recovery)
    create a backup
    wipe data
    install zip from SD card
    if you installed a CM rom , you need to install gaaps zip also

    more about installing
    under using droid 2 bootstrap
  3. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    Wow! That link goes to an encyclopedia. I found DroidX material - but it's like standing under a waterfall trying to get a drink. I'll work on it tomorrow, and THANKS.
  4. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member


    1. Backup everything
    2. Download MIUI zip (could not find Pooka CM7)
    3. Store MIUI zip on phone's SD card
    4. Boot to cwm recovery (press power/ reboot/ recovery)
    5. Wipe data
    6. Install zip from SD card
    7. Reload and re-organize

    With MIUI I don't need GAAPS, right?
  5. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    yes that should be good
    with wizards miui, no gaaps needed

    updated cm7,
    here [ROM] CM7-GBKernel .621 which would need gaaps
  6. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    wizard does list a longer install method
    should follow that
  7. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    I put (only) the zip file on the SD card, and when I got to Step 4 to flash the new ROM it ran for a moment and then:

    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted
  8. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    few things to check
    was it this file MIUI.us_Shadow_2012.11.11-Aroma-Wizard0f0s-signed.zip

    did you verify md5 check sum,of rom zip, before moving to sd card

    which version of cwm 2.0xx or 5.0xx
    Install zip from SD card and not install update zip
  9. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    The file is via the link you gave me, titled:


    No, I did not look at the check sum. I assumed the link was ok.

    To boot into Recovery I used a utility called something like Quickboot, which offers Reboot, Shutdown, Recovery, etc. It got to Recovery satisfactorily, enabling data wipe, cache wipe, etc.
  10. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

  11. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    Yes -- to the Motorola image
  12. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    that was meant to be either or, not yes or no
  13. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    Sorry - Imisunderstood.

    The image is headed by

    Android system recovery <3e>
  14. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    Presumably that's how I failed the IQ test. Is it fixable?
  15. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    yes it didn't post like i wanted
    that's the wrong one, needs to be clockworkmod recovery
    press power button you should have several options
    power off, reboot ...
    choose reboot
    then should have more options
    bootloader, reboot, recovery
    choose recovery
    if that does not get you to cwm recovery
    you need to install
    link-Droid 2/x/3 Bootstrap
    use the modified d2 or D3 bootstrap
  16. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    Pushed the power button and it rebooted - just as though it has a ROM in it. Went to the Google sign-in, etc. Assuming it's not a brick, I'll find the Droid 2/x/3 Bootstrap. What then?
  17. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    use the link, instructions are there

    edit:links are blue on this grey background easy to miss
  18. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    OK. This thing booted using the GUMMY ROM. It works, and is not a dead rectangular solid...

    I'm now to do the BELOW, then repeat the PREVIOUS?

    2nd option Download Modified Droid 2/X Bootstrapper (cwm, you will need to manually install the .apk Move Droid2Bootstrap621MOD.apk to sd card, navigate to file with phone&#8217;s file manager, tap on it, select install, you may have to change system settings to allow unknown sources
  19. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    yes that is correct
  20. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    OK - got it. 72.9% confidence.

    For now, let's assume I'll get it right. In fact, since the phone is running (Gummy) I might leave it alone until tomorrow.

    I'm very grateful for your help!!
  21. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    well it likely is running much better, after wiping data
    no problem, you are welcome
  22. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    I purchased and installed Modified Droid 2/X Bootstrapper, which I understood had to be on the SD card. I thought I might get the option to move it there if I rebooted, but unfortunately it went past the red Motorola logo to android, and then went no further.

    I removed the battery and retried it, producing a large image of a battery showing 100%. In all subsequent cases, and now, it just gets to the rippling android logo (the word), and nothing beyond. And it takes a very long time to do that.

    I haven't found a combination of switches that makes a difference, and I *AM* facing east and saying the proper mantra.

    If I hit the Power switch while holding both volume switches down, I get a Bootloader screen in white text: 30.04, Battery OK, OK to program, Connect USB Data Cable
  23. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    no, you did not purchase the modified 2/x bootstrap
    that is a free download, [ROMS] Droid X 4.5.621 Stock Rooted / Stock Deodexed / Modded (1.6) ClockworkMod Flashable Updates by kY - Droid X Development - RootzWiki - Page 20
    you must have downloaded the original D2, Dx, or D3 bootstrap, from the google play store, which should be fine

    now you need to follow the steps 3-7
    3. Go to App Drawer
    4. Tap on Droid 2/X or 3 Bootstrap app
    5. Tap on Bootstrap Recovery,
    6. When you see superuser popup (allow/deny), select allow
    7. Tap on OK when you see popup that says Success

    follow steps to make nandroid backup (recommended)
    1. Open D2, DX or D3 bootstrap app
    2. Tap on Reboot Recovery, phone will automatically reboot to CWM Recovery
    3. Once in the black screen with green writing, you will use the side volume rockers to scroll up and down and then the camera button to select, select with power button if using *cwm * * * * *(D2,R2D2, and D2G can use arrow keys and ok)
    4. Scroll down to backup/restore and select it.
    5. Scroll to Backup and select it
    The phone will begin to create a full backup (nandroid) of your system, data, and cache. This will take about 5 minutes to generate. After it is finished it will take you back to the main screen. If you want to move back to previous screens use the back hard key &#8634; or power button

    Install rom
    1) Reboot into CWR (should already be there,, if not follow steps 1 & 2 of nandroid backup)
    2) Go to "Mounts and Storage" and format /system, /data, and /cache.
    3) Go to "Advanced" and wipe dalvik-cache.
    4) Flash the zip.
    5) Reboot
    6) Toggle Superuser to allow Root Access.

    9) Enjoy!
  24. notaguru

    notaguru Well-Known Member

    That looks perfect and even I can follow that script, BUT: how do I get a screen that enables the App Drawer? It never boots past the word android...
  25. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    app drawer is just where you go, to open your apps

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