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Time wrong on incoming Texts

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  1. Champmoney

    Champmoney Active Member

    When i send a text out at say 8pm then it shows i sent a text at 8pm. Then if i recieve a text at 8:05pm it will say 9:35am. Not exactlly that time span but you know what i mean. I've tried to fix this but can't seem to figure out why? I got my phone last week and it's been doing this since day one.

  2. mrpbunny

    mrpbunny New Member

    I was having the same problem at first, seems that the time on incoming messages is taken from the network but outgoing is taken from your phone's clock. Go into Date and Time settings and set it to Automatic, to sync your phone's clock with the network time. Solved the problem for me.
  3. Champmoney

    Champmoney Active Member

    Thanks but i've tried both ways. Manual and automatic. If anyone has any other ideas i'm willing to try. Thanks anyways.
  4. Champmoney

    Champmoney Active Member

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