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Time Zone files (zoneinfo/tzdata)

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  1. asrhael

    asrhael Member

    Hello Ladys n' Gentlemans, im using a P500 LG phone with the 2.3.3 OS of Android (gingerbread), and me and my country have a lot of problem with this smartphone (and whatever smartphone with Android) because the "daylight time rules" was changed the past month.

    For this reason, our smartphone clocks always go 1hrs back the real time (my country is Chile, GMT-4 in the summer time).

    I know what to do in linux (update the tzdata file from ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/ and puting inside /usr/share/zoneinfo/), but in android the homework is something more complex.

    In android, the "tzdata" reside inside the /system/usr/share/zoneinfo/ path. But inside that exist 3 files (in my P500):

    1. zoneinfo.dat
    2. zoneinfo.idx
    3. zoneinfo.version

    The 3rd file (zoneinfo.version) have the version of the tzdata release (in my case "2010k"), but i dont know how to make the other 2 files. I understand that these 2 files was produced by the original tzdata (now the tzdata2011k.tar.gz from the ftp), wich contains all the Time Zones with its own "times rules".

    Searching in our good friend google, i found that a Java code can convert these files and merged into one "zoneinfo.dat and zoneinfo.idx".

    The Java code is called "JavaCompiler.java" and uses several others Java classes that i don understand how to make it work.

    The JavaCompiler link is this: link

    Now, i want to ask if some of you guys can helpme with this. Im not a Java developer, and less an Android developer...im only a HP50g developer :p

    • I want to update these deprecated file, and then make it public for any who want to upgrade it.
    • If someone of you have an updated version of the "zoneinfo.*" please upload to this thread (please, open with an text editor the zoneinfo.version...mine is 2010k, and the official tzdata is 2011k :p

    Please, help me with that ;]

    Best regards,

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  2. asrhael

    asrhael Member

    A lot of time has passed, and now i want to tell you that i managed to compile these files myself.

    These files works in any Android device...and the ZoneInfo files (3) are updated with the lastest TZDATA available (2011k).

    So, if you have an Android device and live in Chile, Argentina..or some other country with "daylight date"...this is a good update for you.

    For the update, you must to copy/replace these files (3) for that in your device (in the /system/usr/share/zoneinfo). After that, you need to reboot and then select any Time Zone in the menu.

    Best Regards,

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  3. anonymous88

    anonymous88 New Member

    Big thanks from Russia!
    This fixed my timezone info on my LG P500 with unofficial CM7 (was 2010k, like yours...).
  4. ggaspar

    ggaspar New Member

    Hi, Asrhael.
    Thank you for the information.
    How do you copy the files, because in my Android (Galaxy S), it tell me that is a read-only filesystem.
    Of course that I have the device rooted.
    I tried with command line and with a file browser.


  5. asrhael

    asrhael Member

    Hi Gustavo, to copy these files you need a file manager that can handle root permissions. Im using Root Explorer and works flawlessly for cp/paste (you need to change from readonly to write in the menu).

    Let me know if that work for you ;]

    Best regards,

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  6. ggaspar

    ggaspar New Member

    Thank you, Asrhael
    I didn't see that the file manager has that option, and I used the old method:

    mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/stl9 /system

    Thank you, again.

  7. murdix

    murdix New Member

  8. mcbailey47

    mcbailey47 New Member

    Looking for a dual clock widget like an option that is preinstalled in theHTC EVO. DUal Clock, left clock always shows "home" time. Left clock shows time at current location and changes automatically when you travel. Anyone know of any Widgets that do that? I can't find one. For Developers... what a great idea. I know I'd pay for such awidget.

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