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  1. lazylocktec

    lazylocktec Member

    Anyone who having a time zone problem displaying Pacific standard time instead of Mountain standard time is not alone. I've been with tech support for the past 3 days and finally receivd a call back from Samsung and are addressing the issue. Everyone please call your providers as well as Samsung to resolve the issue . Thanks Chris D from Texas

  2. aeroo777

    aeroo777 Active Member

    Will do, thanks for the report. R U in El Paso? Having the same problem in ABQ.....
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  3. lazylocktec

    lazylocktec Member

    Sure am, I also have a friend which purchasd one, and doing the same
  4. doomsdayx

    doomsdayx New Member

    Yep...same here. In ABQ also. Had to set it to manual so my time wouldnt be off by an hour.
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  5. phaduman

    phaduman New Member

    At Minneapolis on travel, my AT&T s3 first jumped between central and eastern zone for a while and now set at eastern zone for a day already. It should be central.

    Glad I am not the inlay one with the problem. Let's hoop a patch comes out soon.

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  6. Airstream25

    Airstream25 Well-Known Member

    Yes, same here.
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  7. johnBS

    johnBS New Member

    I seem to be getting my calendar notifications a day late. This morning I was modified I had a meeting at 6 to 8 pm on the 18th. Today is the 19th. My time zone is set to Pacific time with a choice to keep it at my chosen zone (Pacific). If I choose other than that "keep it" option, it defaults to mountain time zone.

    Does this have anything to do with the problem you guys are defining?
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    JMCFAN New Member

    SAme here..in Albuq...time keeps changing to 1 hour ahead...pissing me off!! Who did you call??:mad:
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  9. lazylocktec

    lazylocktec Member

    I called Verizon and Samsung still no fix. I believe it's a Verizon problem with there 4G. Last night it keeped switching from 3G to 4G On 3G you get the correct time and 4G you don't . I know there doing something because now it's on mountain time without day light savings .I call Verizon every other day to get a straight answer but with no luck. We all need to call Verizon so they realize it's a big issue. Thanks for all the feed back I relay all the info to them from us. I'll be calling them again on Monday to see where there at.
  10. gregandbeaker

    gregandbeaker New Member

    I am having the same issue with my S3 on the ATT network. Whenever I am connected 4G the timezone is correct (central time), but when I move to LTE the timezone changes to Eastern time zone. No fun.
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  11. JMCFAN

    JMCFAN New Member

    Issue still there... thought it was good yesterday...and then....1 hour late...again!
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  12. lazylocktec

    lazylocktec Member

    I want to thank all of who called in to address the problem we all have. I called Verizon and said they are very well aware and that there's been numerous complaints on this issue . Still don't know when the fix will be. Hopefully soon :)
  13. GBB0131

    GBB0131 Active Member

    Just started yesterday here in Tennessee... Eastern time, but Galaxy thinks it's Central. Verizon is my provider. I went into settings and disabled automatic time zone.
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  14. moonlitday

    moonlitday Active Member

    Same but I am in AST and it defaults to EST when pulling network time. I don't think it is picking up daylight savings time as I ended up setting it manually.
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  15. GBB0131

    GBB0131 Active Member

    Update to my time zone issue. When I am at home (on eastern time) it thinks I am on Central, but when I'm at work or anywhere else in Chattanooga it is correct... so there must be an issue with the tower near my house in Chattanooga. I'm on Verizon and they are expanding the 4G coverage here...
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  16. SebastianYear7

    SebastianYear7 New Member

    I'm in the mountain time zone and having the same issue ever since I activated my S3 on verizon. I have contacted Verizon and Samsung and they blame each other. It's now September and I'm just wondering if anyone has any updates to the situation, thanks.
  17. GBB0131

    GBB0131 Active Member

    Still having the same issues.
  18. indianaryan

    indianaryan Member

    I'm on Verizon and I noticed the issue when driving to Arizona. I stayed in Albuquerque on the way and it was off an hour.
  19. FishDoctor

    FishDoctor Well-Known Member

    Is this really an S3-specific issue? I was in Albuquerque a few weeks ago and noticed this problem. The phone would switch to Pacific time (wrong) in my 3rd-floor hotel room and on Mountain time (correct) in the lobby of the hotel. When I did a Google search, it looked like this was a known issue and that it might be related to specific cell towers, rather than something wrong with the S3 specifically. Someone earlier mentioned 4G as being the potential culprit and I could see that as a possibility. Based on my Google search, it looks like the issue has been around for a while in specific locations of the country.
  20. Kiki149

    Kiki149 New Member

    I have Sprint and have the same problem - the time zone keeps switching - I'm in Mountain and yet when I pull up an item it shows Pacific time - I've 'locked' the time zone to Mountain but that obviously doesn't make a difference. When I look at the entry it shows the right time but if I select 'edit' that's when it switches to Pacific time ... anyone have any ideas (other than not to edit an item) ... thanks!
  21. velocty

    velocty New Member

    Turn on all your location services in setting then go back to the clock widget click on it , then the left touch button edit, turn off then turn back on and it should refresh the time on the phone automatically good luck

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