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Times out during additional mb download

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  1. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    First, thanks for all the gracious welcomes I received when joining this week. Never had half that many in the largest tech sites in the world.
    Can you, my new friends tell me what I'm doing wrong if nearly every game app I deploy that requires additional data upload fails? Does a screen time-out make it crash? (should I set it for say 10 minutes instead of 30 sec?) I'm generally seeing 2 messagaes, one involves what appears to be a connection issue but I'm connected to my wifi in settings, should be a non-issue..should "tethering" interest me? I am 2 feet away from my network PC/Router. Second, if it's not pushing it, could you guys tell me a good place to choose games for a precocious 6 yr old boy? With half a billion apps I don't want to open each one to see if blood is being splattered or reading is required...UPDATE! The screen thing did fix one game, by not allowing it to go idle, the game-required mb's worked! uggh, buzzkill, it's in a foreign language...oh wait, flags! (-;/ Seriously, I'd like some "find the hidden object" or simple mariokart type racing games for li'l Wyatt. Mom's out there, this might need your touch...Cheers Happy St Patty's Day fellow Micks

  2. mamawm

    mamawm Well-Known Member

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  3. ryancmatchett

    ryancmatchett VIP Member VIP Member

    I have an 11yr old boy and a 5yr old girl...I have used angry birds, smurfs, road warrior and sudoku. All are thinking games...but really simple to figure out. Have not needed to get more creative yet, so I am also curious to see what others suggest.
    Good luck!!
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  4. Wyattspoppa

    Wyattspoppa Member

    As for the kids games, I've put in some hours filtering through them. A few suggestions: Most of the games with the word "jump" in it, extreme jump, doodle jump, astro jump etc, very simple, great for hand/eye coordination, I'd say 3 and up, then Ant smasher, can knockdown, fruit ninja, glow hockey (air hockey game) my paper airplane, the pinball games, riptide (older, say 5+ due to accurate tilting needed), shoot the applerollercoaster NY HD, Sprinkle...none involve bloodshed (even the coaster game, the riders have parachutes), none require great dexterity or reading skills, have fun with them.

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