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  1. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    Big title yes i know.
    But I'm curious.

    Not as to how many referrals people have gotten but this.

    Using nothing but referral credits, how many consecutive months have you gone without paying a single penny from your own pocket to pay for your bill?

    I am currently at 6 months have to wait and see if i pick up another before the next bill comes around (for the record, I have had my phone for 7 months, only paid the first month's service)
    I asked ting about this, they told me that I am in the top 10, and that a guy on twitter @edenjournal has free service for life... not sure how he managed that but there you go.

    So, where are you at?

  2. willis68nova

    willis68nova Well-Known Member Contributor

    Now I am replying to your post...

    I have had Ting service for 3 billing cycles now, besides buying the phone. The first one I paid $8, now with the two referral credits I earned I did not have to pay anything the next two billing cycles. So hopefully I will have a small / no bill this month. And as I said on another post win/win.....

    And I have to get in my plug :) Referral link.... https://za2ahjj411.ting.com/
  3. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    Logged into my account today to check on how much my last bill was...
    Discovered that from July 2nd to July 13th I got 4 referrals.. thats $100 in credit that I didn't know about.
    July is my anniversary month with Ting.. Been with them for 1 year now and earned a total of $225 in credits. Didn't pay a phone bill at all last year and likely won't pay one for the rest of this year.
  4. Ricyteach

    Ricyteach New Member

    I've been with Ting since November 2012 and so far have earned $1150 in credits. No idea if that puts me in the "top 10" or whatever, but there ya go.
  5. Ricyteach

    Ricyteach New Member

    That's 35 total referrals, btw; they ran a $50/referral promo back in the spring. At the current usage rate of my wife and I (about $36/month or so) we won't have to pay a bill for 31 months as of right now.

    It would be really nice if Ting would let you use your credit to purchase devices. I'd really like to get a HTC One, or a Moto X when it becomes available. My wife needs a new phone pretty badly, too (she has the Optimus S right now... haha).
  6. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    That's awesome, and I'd say if I am in the top 10 you certainly are.
    Have to agree on using referral credits to buy a new phone, it's certainly worth putting to them, they are very customer friendly and at the end of the day you are still spending what you have earned with them
  7. dann2

    dann2 New Member

    I work from home so I use my wireless for data and VOIP the majority of the time. I'm not really on their network a whole lot except for when I'm away from home and for texting (but texting is cheap anyways). You can't beat paying for what you actually use.. my bills were around $17 per month on a lot of occasions. Use the savings calculator to see how much you could save: https://ting.com/calculator.
  8. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid. Guide

    Oh man, are you guys really getting that many referrals? Most people I tell about Ting say they don't want to switch either because they're never heard of it, they want unlimited, or they don't want to cancel their contract. Even after I show them how much they can save... I've only gotten one referral.

    How are you doing it? Are you just asking people you meet, or do you run popular blogs with a high volume of readers, etc?

    And of course if anyone wants to save $25 they can use this link:

    $25 off Ting referral link.
  9. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    No blogs.. just have it in my signature here honestly.
  10. dann2

    dann2 New Member

    I'm just starting to realize how beneficial Ting referrals are. The $75 credit that I received so far will probably cover 3 months for me.

    If you use my referral link we'll each get a $25 credit!
  11. thevial08

    thevial08 New Member

    So hey, this may be a long shot, but meh, I'll try anyway.

    Been using Ting for nearly a year and so far it's great. I've calculated my savings to be over $300. Right now for the holidays they are doing this referrals thing where you get extra credit and I certainly can use it. Instead of the usual $25 it's $50 so yep, cool.

    Here's my referral link. https://zah0f22o925.ting.com/
  12. osualumrx

    osualumrx New Member

    Limited time offer from Ting.
    Our best Refer a Friend offer ever
    Until 11:59pm EST on December 1, offer friends and family an unprecedented $100 off a device or as Ting credit. Get $50 in Ting credit for yourself for every successful referral.

    Click on this referral link:
    Enjoy the discount and Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Poached Egg

    Poached Egg New Member

    the promotion is now back to 50 for new customers if you get a referral.
    I just signed up, suppose it's time our family made the move to Ting =)

    for the $50 credit, you can use this referral link:

    and Happy New Year everyone!
  14. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    ^The link says you get $25?
  15. Poached Egg

    Poached Egg New Member

    weird, it was just $50. going to figure this out. maybe Ting is bringing it all back down... not back to $50 but $25
  16. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid. Guide

    When a new customer uses a referral link the normal amount they get is $25 for joining. :)

    Two months ago Ting had a Black Friday special where it was $100 for new customers, and then it went back to $25.
  17. Stomata

    Stomata Member

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