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  1. agentjonnyb

    agentjonnyb Active Member

    This seems new...go to your system settings and try out Developer options, found some new things that I think we can use our newly beloved Tegra chips for, namely "Force GPU rendering" and the Window animation scale, and Transition animation scale... FGPUR seems to now be making quite a difference!

    Update: Before enabling FGPUR, browsing seemed no better, now it's INCREDIBLE!

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  2. Spaded21

    Spaded21 Well-Known Member

    Force GPU Rendering seemed to make my browser a lot slower
  3. agentjonnyb

    agentjonnyb Active Member

    That's weird, I got a huge jump in both the stock browser and Dolphin.
  4. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    That setting only forces 2D apps that aren't using the GPU to use it. The stock browser is already set to use it (certainly; it's an assumption but I'm sure a pretty sound one). So, the setting should have no effect on it whatsoever.
  5. ozneilau

    ozneilau New Member

    I tried enabling "Force GPU rendering" but it killed two of my favourite applications:

    ABC (Australia)
    Currently Tech News

  6. pragmatous

    pragmatous Well-Known Member

    Thats for development of android apps and testing the apps. It's part of the new ICS. The galaxy nexus has it also. Altho the nexus has a lot more options.

  7. kristovaher

    kristovaher Active Member

    It's a developer option for a reason, it is meant for developers to test if their apps work with and without GPU rendering or not without requiring to compile two APK files of the app.

    Forcing GPU on all apps is bad. It will slow down or break some apps from working entirely. Leave that for developers to decide if GPU acceleration is supported in the app or not.

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