[Tip] After a file transfer, xoom was not responsive. Removing SD card revived it.Tips

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  1. kennychaffin

    kennychaffin Well-Known Member


    I was copying a couple of files to the Xoom SD card via USB connected to my computer and when I finished/unplugged, the Xoom was dead!

    No response to pushing or holding the power button.

    Finally (after my panic) I pulled the sd card out and it popped right back to life.


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  2. Anthem Contrac

    Anthem Contrac New Member

    Hey sorry to jump in on this thread but I am not allowed to start a new thread yet. Can you tell me what Version web browser I should be using for the my xoom. I am just using the stock and when I went to purchase something off of Motorola's website they reccommended that I upgrade to another web browser. Can you tell me which to upgrade to please.

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