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Tip - "HOW DO I" Settings with AndroidTips

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  1. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    For Email its in each of the accounts that you have set up. If you goto the inbox of the email hit Menu/more/settings. You will find the signatures there. For Text, I am unable to locate that. I wasn't aware that you could add a signature to text msgs. I will look into that further.

    From what I have found it looks like you are not able to add signatures to text messages. There is a third party app out there called handsent that will let you do it though. I have never used it be that is what search brought up.

    If you did set it....FIND THE SETTING hehe....and share!!!

  2. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    Yea I don't know. I am getting confused on this one lol...it can happen.
  3. Grrman

    Grrman Active Member

    Many thanks. Didn't think to look in the email settings. Now that you mention it, I don't think I set a sig for texts. May have confused it with email. I'm just coming off a Pre so I'm still getting used to the text app on the EVO. Touch screen is tough for my fat fingers...
  4. Wooby

    Wooby Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this. I was finally able to change my notification to this.

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  5. AM2

    AM2 Well-Known Member

    when i am in my gallery viewing photos, i notice that the pics don't "set" right away...if i zoom in and out quickly on a pic, it then "set's"...i'm trying to describe it correctly...it's equivalent to something not being in complete focus, and then when i zoom in and out, it sharpens up...it's not sharpening up automatically...anyone experiencing this, or even know what i'm describing?
  6. blalockwoods

    blalockwoods New Member

    First off to SirSlayer, you are awesome. I have been reading through this forum and you really are helpful. I've gotten answers to questions I did not know I had :). OK now that the kissing up is done... I am new to droid. I read the above answer, however I would like to move the games to a particular file instead of copy them. Is this possible?
  7. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about the SD card folders?
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  8. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    I saw this on my Eris. But the pics were from an old Nokia. Never resolved it. Is this happening with pics you took? Or did they come from some were else?
  9. blalockwoods

    blalockwoods New Member

    Well the issue is that I immediately started downloading stuff when I got my phone and now it says I'm running out of room on my phone, but the sd card is practically empty, I just want to move the files off the phone and onto the card, but am not sure how. Being a NOOB sux, but it only lasts for a little while :)
  10. JackG058

    JackG058 Well-Known Member

    When you say downloading stuff, are you perhaps talking about apps from the market? If so, they install directly to your phone, so if you have a bunch it could be filled up. If you are talking about music or video files or things to that affect, then someone else will have to chime in, because these things download automatically to my SD card since I've had the EVO. You can use the free program Astro File Manager to view both your SD card and your phone contents.
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  11. blalockwoods

    blalockwoods New Member

    Yes I meant apps from market - games, many ebooks, google earth (the biggest by far), some apps, and some goofy things like live wallpaper. I am also not sure which folders need to stay on the phone vs those that can be safely moved to the card. Are there negative effects if certain folders are moved to the /sdcard folder? Are there particular folders that have to reside on the phone?
  12. scnat

    scnat Active Member

    slayer, this thread of yours should be stickied..........or i just need to paypal you a service fee
  13. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    LOL one of the biggest draw backs with Android is the fact that unless you root you are unable to move programs to the SD Card. This will get solved partly when Android 2.2. The problem after 2.2 comes out will be that the applications will have to be written to work on your SD card, but I am sure it will not take long for the developers out there to do this. This is something we all want. For now you will need to decide what you want on your phone the most and get rid of stuff you don't need.
  14. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    LOL thanks you are most kind. I am sure the mods will sticky if they feel the need too. It has grown into quite the thread. I didn't think it would grow so fast. But I love to help people so its all good. Just glad I could contribute to the community.
  15. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    RANDOM Setting you may want to know about:

    Want to keep your phone awake? Maybe you want to watch a movie or using Google Maps and want to keep the screen on (while plugged in I am sure lol) Just do this:

    menu/settings/applications/development/ Check the box to stay awake.

    Phone will only stay awake while Charging.


    Thank god its the weekend!!!!
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  16. evoman2be913

    evoman2be913 Well-Known Member

    Forget Kobe or D Howard slayer gets my vote for MVP! Haha

    Mods please make sir slayer a guide or moderator... He rocks!
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  17. AM2

    AM2 Well-Known Member

    it happens on both pics i take with the cam and pics i've imported from other places...i thought maybe it was an sd card issue since i have a class 2 card...my pre used to have to "focus" like this too, but it always did it automatically after a second or two...it's pretty weird, bcuz while the unsharpened images are still pretty good quality, it totally cleans up after it focuses, unfortunately in order for that to happen i have to quickly pinch zoom and out...go figure
  18. Xtian20192

    Xtian20192 Member

    Hi -

    I'm new to the forums an android. I was wondering, how do I find out where my apps are installed to?

    I have Astro File manager, but I can't seem to find out where the apps are installed at. I can see where the stock apps are in astro file manager, but I can't see any of my downloaded apps from Appbrain.

    Do you need some special access to view them? And where do I go to see how much storage space I have left and used?

    All help would be greatly appreciated!

  19. HopeofCarter

    HopeofCarter Well-Known Member

    Strange, my standby is still 30% ish even when I turned most of the major assets off. I just have 3g on. It was a lot lower yesterday >.>, Any ideas?
  20. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    The stock apps are all installed on the internal memory. Astro File Manager is for your SD Card. Right now we cannot install apps to the SD card unless you are rooted. There is no way to view the install application files.

    Not sure what the issue is here. Cell Standby is for you cell service or for taking calls. 3G is for your internet. If you turn off the mobile connection you turn off 3G but you still can use the phone for calls and text.
  21. Bic101

    Bic101 Well-Known Member

    Can someone please explain to me what the "linK" concept is in the phone contacts? What does it do and how can I find out more about linking or unlinking.
  22. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    I did some searching and found some useful informations. Looks like if you wanted to link your facebook contacts you could and it will update the pictures and stuff. You may want to search it more to find out more. I don't use linking myself.
  23. ProudPapaG

    ProudPapaG Active Member

    SirSlayer, thanks for this thread, you covered a few of my questions previously...

    Sorry if these are basic, but the EVO (running 4G here in KC) is my first Android phone, previously had the Instinct.

    1)Can I set it up so that the screen doesn't sleep while plugged in, but will sleep when not?

    2)Can I delete some bookmarks, or do I have to delete the entire thing, then recreate it? Seems like that would be an obvious ability...

    3)Can you create a folder in the "All Apps" screen for organizing? (similar to a previous ?)...

    (BTW, I did try searching first, but the horde of responses weren't quite what I was looking for)


  24. frankiepapa

    frankiepapa Well-Known Member

    I am sure I may have missed this....how does one delete songs from the playlist or music library?
  25. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    1. Yes - Mentioned a few posts above here http://androidforums.com/tips-tricks-evo-4g/90404-tip-how-do-i-settings-android-6.html#post925606

    2. Yes - You manage your bookmarks inside the browser. Click on Internet then Menu bookmarks. Should be able to edit from there. I am using Dolphin Browser HD so my settings will be different.

    3. Nope - I have suggested before in this forum that if you want to organize your apps you can create folders on one of your home screens. Once you have your folders you can click on all apps....Long press an App and then drag the icon to a folder. More details on how to do this are in this forum.

    Delete them from the SD Card. Use a file manager like Astro Filemanager to do it from the phone. you can use your computer to delete as well (which may be easier.)

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