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  1. bbuck002

    bbuck002 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if this has been addressed but it's something I figured out on my own and thought I'd share with the rest of the interwebs.

    For gmail to access all your old contacts its a quick process (once this is done all your contacts will be in your gmail account which automatically updates anytime a new contact is made on the computer or your phone so you only have to do this once)


    This import takes a couple of minutes, but once its done, ALL of your contacts on your phone will be synced with gmail and like i said before, from this point on, all newly added contacts are automatically put in the gmail account by your phone...


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  2. mxsjw

    mxsjw Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but now every contact when accessing Gmail from a PC is doubled...some are tripled.
    Fix? Merge them manually? Which takes precedence, Gmail contacts or the phone contacts when syncing?

    FYI, I've got three sources of contacts syncing, the phone, Gmail, and Hotmail.
    Hotmail's contacts seem to have remained unchanged, since owning the X (first smart phone for me), I don't see anything being added to my hotmail when I add a contact in Gmail or the phone. Like it's pulling information from hotmail, but not pushing to it?

    I'm thinking I need to correct all contacts in one location, delete all information from the other 2, then re-sync to get everything set???
  3. bbuck002

    bbuck002 Well-Known Member

    in your gmail there is an option to find and then merge duplicate contacts
  4. mxsjw

    mxsjw Well-Known Member

    Yes, I saw and did that already. I can delete all my contacts from hotmail and re-import them from gmail...but what about the phone? When I re-sync, is it going to double them up again?

    If no one knows for sure, just say it and I'll give it a go and report back.:D

    Edit...It doubled some of them
  5. mxsjw

    mxsjw Well-Known Member

    Another question along the same lines...
    Is there a way to completely wipe the phone of all contacts...delete them all at once vs. one at a time?
    Then I can re-sync with gmail and all will be right with the world again.

    Edit...Found an app for that...see my next post.
  6. bbuck002

    bbuck002 Well-Known Member

    hmm, not sure about wiping out all contacts...

    as for duplicates, i haven't seen them double up since i merged them and i've played around with adding contacts and i auto syncs every time...
  7. mxsjw

    mxsjw Well-Known Member

    Well, what I did worked.

    Fixed or deleted the offending contacts in Gmail on my PC.
    Exported the contacts file to my PC
    Shut off all syncing for all accounts on the phone.
    Deleted the Contacts from Gmail
    Deleted the Contacts from Hotmail
    Downloaded this Contact Remover - Android app on AppBrain
    Deleted all contacts from the phone with that app
    Imported the contacts file from my PC to Gmail
    Synced/Imported contacts from Gmail to Hotmail
    Turned back on syncing on the phone and let it do it's thing, Gmail 1st, let it run and finish, then Hotmail.
    Then ran SyncMyPix - Android app on AppBrain to get my facebook pictures back to my contacts that have FB accounts.

    All is well, correct, and I no longer have duplicates.
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  8. Serpentine

    Serpentine Well-Known Member

    I've been through this Gmail syncing of contacts headache with great angst. I get 60 emails a day at least from my interstate commerce website. I do not want all those one-time customer contacts synced to my phone. It really screws up bluetooth hands free voice dialing

    Is there a way to sync my selected phone contacts into a special folder on gmail, to save them there, and then sync those and new selected contacts from time to time with that particular folder - only - and not sync with all ALL contacts?

  9. jevi

    jevi New Member

    absolutely brilliant
  10. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    Right now I have one of each contact in my email contacts(that was synced from Yahoo) and my phone contacts are all fine. I'm not touching a thing! :)

    I'm not going to put a custom ROM on or anything. When I put Liberty Rom on my phone, it lost all my phone contacts and a lot of my email contacts. I got the phone contacts back after going back to stock ROM and doing a Verizon back up. I got my email addresses back thru Yahoo. Not touching another custom ROM!!
  11. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

  12. shawnmooney2

    shawnmooney2 Member

    you realize you could've just logged into the backup manager on verizonwireless.com and exported them from there right? why don't you possible think about exporting a copy to your sd or your computer... thats the silliest thing I've ever heard of to not run your phone the way you want
  13. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

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