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    Oct 10, 2012
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    How can you add more memory without adding another kernel or rom and anything like that??? (Only for Samsung Intercept VM and maybe Sprint)

    1. Root your phone.
    -Important. All you have to do is go to 4shared.com (sign up if you didn't) and type in the search box "interceptroot.apk". Than you find it.
    -Google "interceptroot.apk 4shared.com"(If you are having trouble with the first one or if you want the easy way in).

    2. Download "App2sd" from the store.
    -It lets you move the moveable apps to the sd card.

    3. Download "Clear cache" from the store.
    -The title explains it what it do.'

    4. Download "Task Killer for Froyo" from the store.
    -It is the best one I ever used. Since your phone is a Froyo type. It is useful.

    5. Before you uninstall the apps, make sure you clear the data and cache FIRST.
    -so the app can be in the regular size. I do it always and "Heyyy. I added a little bit space to it although it is not enough. It is still better than nothing" because on my old phone, I use to have about 50-60 mbs on my phone. I have a replacement one. I do it. Now I have 90-110 mbs on my phone.

    -I don't download an app that seems like it is to big for my phone. To be honest, I always install apps that are less than 2.99 mbs. Most of them are on the phone because they are under a 100 because I have other apps with them such as "Foxfi full version key", "Foxfi add-on", and "Skyfire key".

    If there is anymore ideal or tips I can give you all, I will continue it.


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