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  1. CriticalCritic

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    This is a comprehensive thread meant to consolidate some recommended and tested ideas for optimizing, personalizing, and understanding your Moment phone.

    ***Updated for post-CL14 update***

    Battery Life:
    -Ever since the CL14 update it has become unnecessary to bother with conditioning your battery to improve an accurate reading. in fact, the 'Topping off' method (meaning using the wall charger to charge it all the way up without pulling it off the charger at any time before it finishes, then switching it over to the USB charger to 'trickle' more power on top of that [if possible]) may be more trouble than it's worth. These methods were only necessary with the original CJ05 software that is no longer included in newly purchased handsets (in fact, it may not have ever been necessary, but rather may have been nothing more than a placebo effect in the first place).
    -You may want to get a Passive app killer/manager (as-in, do not use it to constantly monitor app usage). The app killer/manager is an "at your own discretion" type of thing, not a necessity. So based on your own usage, it may not make a significant difference [credit: satinkzo]. The app killer will allow you to see all the apps that are running, and close them at your own discretion (because, when you close a program normally, it will often continue to run in the background). The killer/manager will also allow you to add some apps to an 'excluded' list so that you don't accidentally kill/close them. Some even allow the creation of app lists that are supposed to be auto-killed (keep in mind that the mere usage of this option may consume more system resources). Remember that active app killers that constantly run in the background (and appear in the notification bar) may consume more system resources/battery than they save. From personal experience I can say that I notice that my phone runs smoother without a constantly running app killer in the background. Though I do think it is a good idea to have one just for killing off high consumption apps (ex Sprint TV) that may continue to inexplicably run in the background after use. Just make sure you kill the killer when you are through with it;)
    -Disable the Weather GPS (and instead assign it to your zip code). Hold down on an open space in your background, then select 'widgets', then open the large weather app, and change its setting to a specific area code rather than 'track location' (via GPS). This will save battery.
    -Make sure you get the 'Quick Settings' app from the app market so you can quickly, efficiently, and easily activate/deactivate your Wifi/GPS/bluetooth.
    -As with every phone, turn down your screen brightness all the way (or as far as you are comfortable). It's not as dim as you might think (certainly not as low as the 15% mode) and it saves battery. You can also set the brightness to auto-detect.
    -Pretty much anything that uses GPS should be killed if you are not currently using it, and disable Wifi if you are not using that either.
    -If you are having concerns with your battery, download 'Spare Parts' from the android market (free), it may assist you in tracking your battery consumption more efficiently.
    -Pick up the app "screebl" in the market (check out the youtube video to see what is does). It may help with decreasing battery consumption... and it will help with preventing screen-timeout during use.

    Chargers for your Moment:
    -Keep in mind that your phone is using the ever-more common 'Micro USB' hub for charging and linking. This means that you need-not pay more for a Car/USB/Wall charger specifically designed for the Moment.
    -There are suggested Sprint Car chargers sold on eBay by AZKOR20 (for about $8.99) as a good low-price source [credit: MrGadget256]. (Other suggested reputable/consistent purchasing sources are welcome).

    Screen Protectors (as reported by Moment user experiences):
    -The following prices typically mean: low price=Only Face, and high price=Full Phone (Front and Back).
    -Phantom Skinz ($9.95 to $24.95 before shipping). So far has had the best reviews and application instructions of any that I have heard. With no 'orange peel' effect, and maintaining screen sensitivity.
    -Clear Freak (6.99 to 12.99). Reported to not have a 'perfect' fit on the main screen, nor on the back side. Also reports of a feeling of reduced screen sensitivity and increased friction. Reported to have an 'Orange Peel' effect (a textured-looked not unlike an orange peel).
    -Sprint Protectors (cut-it yourself, five for about $9.99). Essentially just thick packing tape. Good luck cutting it correctly yourself. Only works on the screen (will not work for full-coverage).
    -InvisibleShield (14.99 to 24.99). No reviews as of yet.
    -Best Skins Ever (?). Can anyone update me on their status?
    Keep in mind that these screen protectors may degrade the sensitivity of your screen. Also keep in mind that, at least from my own experience, I have yet to hear about a screen that has been scratched.

    Creating/Applying a Background:
    -The wall paper does not equal the physical screen area x number of screens (while holding the height constant). The wall paper is only 2 screens in width if you are using a 3 screen setup. I believe it may also be the same with over 3 screens but I am not sure. Basically, it's not the size of the area that matters, it's the dimensional proportionality. Which seems to be close to height(3)by(5)width.
    -Once you upload a background to your Memory card, hold down on an empty space in the background of your phone, and choose 'Wallpapers'. From there choose 'Pictures' and then select whichever you want. Once you have setup and have one selected, you can touch the edge of the 'rectangular selection' to proportionally manipulate the cropping of the selected picture, or touch the center of the 'rectangular selection' to move the area in a way which you prefer to center your background.

    So far, as personalization apps go, I only have experience with Open Home. Which, although it does come with a price on the android Market, is compatible with most all of the possible market themes. Including those for 'Open Home', 'aHome', and more.
    -Keep in mind that personalization may allow you to use more than the typical '3' default home screens on android 1.5. However, it may come at the price of a slight decrease in processor performance.
    -Setting new themes will allow you to truly personalize your new phone. Though just as a precaution, you may want to stick to more 'universal' or well known apps and themes, because many items on the android market may not yet be fully compatible with the Samsung Moment.
    -Many users have been eagerly pursuing/requesting the 'Hero weather-clock widget. There is a fully compatible and available app on the android market for a price under the 'Beautiful Widgets (LevelUp Studio)' brand name. It is also the also available by weather widgets for $1.50, with a free add-on that creates the weather animation (minus the minute-flip) [credit: NOMster].

    -From market app updates to overall Moment firmware updates, it's a good idea to backup your apps/system/contacts/everything to your SD card. Just pickup a backup app from the market (I use 'my backup pro') and use it before you make an update.
    -Sprint updates have a tendency to wipe your phone clean, so make sure you back up before you update. And ALWAYS backup your phone before going to a Sprint store with any problem. You never know how (in)competent your rep/tech may be.
    -When you are in the Android market, ALWAYS read the comments on an app before you update! Not just the 'top three comments' but 10-20 of them! Always look for the answers to the questions; Is this update causing the app the force-close? Is the update causing the app to run slower? Is the new version causing system-wide problems? Is the app being discontinued? Is the most recent "update" just adding nothing more than advertisement banners into the app? Or is the update actually increasing the performance? Read the comments and learn what is happening. Remember that you are getting your app from an 'open market' which means the apps are mostly unregulated and you are responsible for what you download. Your fellow consumers are your friends, so listen and pay attention.;)
    -KEEP IN MIND that some apps cannot be backed up! Some apps have a protected status in your phone and they will not backup. Make sure you check what kind of app you are messing with before you attempt the procedure in the next bullet point below.
    -If there is a market update that you do not want, you may get tired of the market update reminders. If this happens, I suggest that you use your backup software (like mybackup pro) to backup the app to your SD card. Then uninstall the app from your phone. Then use the backup software to restore that app to your phone and re-install it. The end result will be that you have the app on your phone but it will be removed from the market list.

    More categories or specification concerns for this "Moment Tips and Tricks" thread are welcome.

    And as a courtesy, please read through this and other threads and click the "Thanks" button at the bottom right of any posts that you find especially helpful. This collective of knowledge came from your fellow Moment users, so make sure you support them!

  2. NOMster

    NOMster Well-Known Member

    the clock and weather are also available by weather widgets for 1.50 and the free add-on creates the weather animation. although the clock doesn't "flip" when the time changes it works really well.
  3. lavehate

    lavehate Member

    thanks for sharing.
  4. satinkzo

    satinkzo Well-Known Member

    I can only add that the Task Killer/manager app is "at your own discretion" type of thing. I've never used one and back in the battery quirk thread, I may have been one of the first to really do the battery drain/conditioning procedures. Since I did that, my phone battery life has been rock solid, over 18 hours off the charger at times with pretty moderate to heavy call (3 hours talk time a day sometimes) and farily constant data usage. I never turn off GPS or Wifi (don't use bluetooth), but I don't have any widgets running that call for the location services. I leave screen brightness on Auto though.

    Over the past couple weeks, my meter has become more reliable, but not even close to perfect, but I've also learned that 15% battery reading generally means at least 2 more hours of continued use, not just standby time

    I will say however that even the minute difference between the supplied charger at .7a compared to the standard .5a from a computer usb does seem to make a difference in that the .5a from the computer seems to just put a more complete charge on the phone. Also, it appears once a one does a top-off charge, it seems to take the charge better the next time from any charging source.
  5. chibucks

    chibucks Well-Known Member


    As for task killers, my thought process is that for any program that puts stress on the processor that you aren't using is going to require more battery... eg... browsers that autorefresh...
  6. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member


    Please continue to add to and update this thread. Also try to keep everything within the first post, just so that it is all consolidated, this will add to the ease of access.
  7. gwbennett

    gwbennett Member

    I discovered (maybe it's documented somewhere but I didn't read it if so) that the blue "fn" key+the arrow keys work much like home/end (left and right) and ctrl+home/ctrl+end (up and down) do on a computer.
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  8. betafan

    betafan Active Member

    Hey everybody, I found a coupon code good for 30% off your order. I've never used phantom skinz, so I'm going on blind faith here. Coupon code is fall30
    Took the order from 9.95 down to 6.96. Mmmmmm, savings.
  9. jebrank

    jebrank Well-Known Member

    <function> <backspace> in a text field will delete text
  10. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to specify, that it deletes the current line of text (whichever line the cursor is on). I'll make updates tomorrow.;)
  11. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    I'm going to create another section for "increased efficiency and shortcuts."

    If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to contribute.

    Also, does anyone know:
    -A shortcut for jumping to the top of a webpage?
    -A way (app or otherwise) to copy/cut/paste?
    -How to undo/redo a typing action?
    -Other useful fn shortcuts that are not listed in the manual/on the keyboard?
    -If there is a browser or app with spellcheck?

    Thanks :)
  12. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to add on the Wallpaper section, if you go to on your phone you can find really high resolution photos (some were 6000x6000) that you can download and add as wallpaper.

    You need to find the photo you want, then make sure it is displayed as "original" not small, medium or large. it may take some time before the picture will display, and do not be alarmed that the photo is HUGE and not fitting on the screen. Simply long press the photo to bring up the options menu, then select save image. and it finishes downloading, you can view the image, which the phone will now compress down so that you can view it all on screen, then hit "menu" and select "set as" then "wallpaper" then position and size it.

    Using this method and selecting the HIGHEST resolution images you can find, you end up with some really stunning wallpapers.
  13. gregnx

    gregnx New Member

  14. chixdigit

    chixdigit Well-Known Member

    Since this seems to be a general Tips n Tricks for the Moment, I will post something that really helped my GPS functionality on my Moment here. Although someone else actually posted it deep in a different GPS thread, I wanted to consolidate and summarize it here- in the Tips n Tricks thread..
    So... GPS has been really horrible on these phones for a lot of people- including me- to a very bad extent.
    I read that if you turn on your Wi-Fi, it really helps your GPS. And it really made a huge difference for me. Turning on my Wi-Fi has made my GPS lock on my accurate location every time since doing that- even inside my house!
    I am talking about the Wi-Fi selection under the Wireless Controls settings option. (although I do also have "use wireless networks" and "enable GPS" selected under the Security & Location settings option also.)
    Because I DO believe that having my Wi-Fi turned on ALL the time will create a significant drain on my battery, I also downloaded a nifty lil app from the market that allows me to turn my Wi-Fi on and off with the simple press of an icon on my Home Screen. The one I got (and really like) is called WiFi OnOff. I just turn the WiFi on before I juse a GPS based app/ service and then use the lil button to turn it off when I'm done using the GPS.
    Using Wi-Fi has really helped my GPS work better, and that app has really made it very simple to turn the Wi-Fi on and off very easily, thus saving my battery when I don't need the Wi-Fi.

    FYI, the same creator of the Wi-Fi OnOff app also makes an equally convenient matching icon for Bluetooth OnOff that I use all the time to turn off my Bluetooth if I know that I won't be using my Bluetooth at all that day.
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  15. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip! I'll see what kind of confirmation I can get on this (my gps works fine, so if anyone else wants to give it a shot, send me a pm and let me know how it goes :) )
    Also, about the on/off stuff. There's another app that I highly recommend called 'quick settings'
    It's an extra step, but it doesn't take up space on the home screen, and it has many more options.
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  16. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    Something even handier is the Battery Widget that shows your battery status in percentage and when you click on it it has settting shortcuts for display, WIFI,GPS, and Bluetooth (easiest place to get to reconnect your device)
  17. zippy

    zippy Well-Known Member

    Nuance Voice Control - Default prompt mode seemed extremely sensitive and buggy, almost useless, even going through training. I used Verizon Voyager for 2 yrs with no issues. Changed to "EXPERT" and Nuance works flawlessly now for me.

    Just open Voice Control from the apps tray, and then select Menu, and choose Audio Mode.
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  18. lesl15

    lesl15 Member

    I hope someone can help me with this. I had the Moment, but have since returned. When I had it, I was trying desperately to get my Yahoo mail onto the Moment. I turned to these forums and went through the steps trying to accomplish this, one of them calling for going into my Yahoo mail account and changing it to yahoo-asia. What a mess. Long story short--need to know how to undo that yahoo asia thing. I did an internet explorer upgrade, which was soo necessary. Afterwards, it would not even pull up my mail, because of the Asia thing. I did a system restart, but will eventually need to upgrade my int. explorer, as it is constantly closing on me. Just need to know how to undo the yahoo mail asia thing--can't find it.
  19. evilbeef54

    evilbeef54 Well-Known Member

    Alright guys if you do a hard reset do you have to do the battery draining procedure again?
  20. eldiablojefe

    eldiablojefe Active Member

    After hard resetting my phone, I would say that yes, you need to power cycle the battery again. I had my battery meter pretty much behaving as it should, or at least as good as I could get it. Then for some still unknown reason my screen would not work in my camera app. After hard resetting, I haven't power cycled my battery and it behaves exactly the same way it did when I first got the phone.
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  21. evilbeef54

    evilbeef54 Well-Known Member

    good to know thanks
  22. The smart phone expert screen protectors suck.. They are not clear (kinda frosted) and they dont adhead around the edges (only adhear on the screen) so you have this weired frosted, then a black where it is adheared and then frosty on teh screen... And they wont even respond to my e-mails
  23. evilbeef54

    evilbeef54 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to disable the fade in on the ringtone?
  24. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Here's a tip: buy a microSD to SD card apater, and use that to transfer ringtones, files, etc to/from the Moment to your PC. You'll save a ton of grief over problems with phone drivers, poor cables, etc etc.

    I have never had to connect my phone to my PC. I simply take out the microSD card, plug it into my PC with a SD card adapter, and voila I can transfer contents over seamlessly.
  25. evilbeef54

    evilbeef54 Well-Known Member

    your phone probably came with that adapter, mine was in the box with the manuals, that is an okay way to do it but takes longer as you have to take out the battery everytime you want to transfer files, after having a ton of problems myself with the usb cable i have found that if you forget to unmount in the status bar before you remove the usb cable you may have to go in to settings unmount the sd card remove the battery and remove/reinsert the card then power back up again to be able to connect through the cable next time, it seems that as long as you unmount in the status bar before you remove the cable it will work fine

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