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  1. GalaxyS2

    GalaxyS2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah its the same in your list of messages.

  2. theoldbill

    theoldbill New Member

    I just tried TV Catchup through the Dolphin browser and it works reasonably well over wifi, not tried 3g yet. You just need an account, it's free though.
  3. thesludge

    thesludge Member

    in email, press and hold the email, if there is a date in it, a pop up box xomes up asking if you want the event saved in your calender.
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  4. churchym

    churchym Member

    When editing text and the blue placer/selector is showing, press the blue selector and it will give you a menu including your clipboard items.
  5. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

  6. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

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  7. ludlum

    ludlum Well-Known Member

    When I read this I had to try it:)

    But on my phone it's the other way round; If I swipe left = text, and to the right = call.

    Anyway, very cool short-cut. Thanks!
  8. thesludge

    thesludge Member

    When you have sent a text message to people, if you click on the speech bubbles you get the following options pop up

    Delete Message
    Copy Message text
    Lock message
    Copy to SIM
    View Message Details
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  9. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    Found something very interesting!

    If you pinch out on the TouchWiz app drawer, it'll zoom out.

    (A bit like it does when you pinch out on the home/idle screens)
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  10. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    Hello guys and gals...

    New here, and to android (Been with Nokias for over 10yrs!) so hello all :D

    Thought I'd share some tips with you... Top 3 (as a lot has already been covered)

    1. When you add a "picture frame" widget to your android it will, by default, load in portrait mode. Press and hold the picture and yellow lines will show around the screen. At the bottom right of your pic, you'll see a grey tab. Hold and move the tab to change the size of the picture frame widget.

    2. When watching a video, tap the power button once to lock the touchscreen. No more pressing a button by mistake :)

    3. Google easter egg for you guys and gals ;)

    Go to settings > about phone > and tap "android version" 5 times for a secret picture ;)

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  11. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    Your second point! Didn't know that. Shall be using that next time I'm watching something.

    and OMG it actually works!!!!!! (although I did just start spamming/rapidly tapping) because 5 taps didn't work for me!! :eek::eek: Zombie Art by Jack Larson. :eek:
  12. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

    Need to tap more than 5 times, but it works!
  13. ludlum

    ludlum Well-Known Member

    Actually works! It took a few tries but finally worked; tapped more than five.:)
  14. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    You can get it to load with just 5 taps :p though the fact you can load it is the main thing :D
  15. lochaos

    lochaos Active Member

    Here is an amazing tip, only just realised you could do this on the sg2, if you press the phone icon you can actually phone people, yeah i know, amazing is'nt it, had this phone a week now and not phoned anyone yet, too busy watching films and playing with all the cool apps, forgot it was an actual phone :)
  16. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    Here's another one for you guys and gals...

    When you press "phone" rather than dialing the number, you can dial the name..

    i.e. for "Silver" I would type... "745837" though I wouldnt call myself obviously lol.

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  17. lochaos

    lochaos Active Member

    My god, i can use the phone function even posher now :)
  18. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    If your device locks up, rather than having to remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 8-10 seconds. The device will then reboot automatically :)

    (Not tested as my device hasn't locked up though is in the manual)
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  19. Unam

    Unam Active Member

    Hi this may be a stupid questions, but I am really curious as to what the Lock message does, it does not password protect the message, that I checked. So what exactly is its function ?
  20. pcbms

    pcbms Well-Known Member

    If it's like htc it means that if you delete the conversation the locked txt doesn't get deleted
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  21. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    True though it still gives you the option to delete locked messages.

    Though say you had a long convo history with a particular person but needed to keep certain messages... you could lock them individually.. then delete the thread without the "delete locked messages" being enabled.. I.e. dont tick it. And you wont have to scroll through hundreds of messages to get to the "important" ones. I doubt most use this feature anyway?
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  22. Unam

    Unam Active Member

    Thanks for the info, I am new to android OS,constantly learning new things........
  23. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

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  24. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    Saw someone had asked this is another thread so thought I would post it here...

    Live Wallpaper

    Add a picture frame "widget" to the handset, and when it asks you to choose a picture, choose several of them and hit save at the top. The images will now rotate ;)
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  25. Apollo123

    Apollo123 New Member

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not, but there's a way to take screenshots on a non-rooted S2. Simply hold the home key and the power key down for a few seconds, let go and the screen capture will save to your gallery. It's a bit tricky at first. You'll know it worked because a little message will come up at the bottom of the screen and you'll feel your phone vibrate a little.

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