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  1. lob

    lob Well-Known Member

    1.Go to the market and get an app called 'Spare parts plus+'.

    This is a huge enhancement of your settings!

    You can change transition/window animation speed, wifi sleep policy to save battery and much more.

    2.Get an app called 'noled'. With this you can get low power notifications on your screen when the phone is locked.

    The SGSII has an AMOLED screen which means that Black things use no battery at all so this app displays a tiny colored dot on your black screen when you get an email or text or whatever you set it to. You can customize for them to be different colors.

    This is a replacement for the LED notification light that many phones have but the SGSII lacks.

    3.In the gallery pinch on a folder/collection of photos and prepare to be amazed by a dazzling 3D effect! :D

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  2. tintin123

    tintin123 Member

    Thanks every one for such a nice tricks and tips.
    I have question
    I have merge/sync all my ph contact with facebook contact. and also joined all this contact. Initially it was looking very cool where i can see all of mine friends photo in my contact list. But now i/m facing a very big problem.
    *I can not see all of the contact in my contact list. I can only see those contact whichh was previously saved in on my phone. No Facebook contact.
    ** If i want to add a alternative/extra no and if i chose "UPDATE EXISTING" then it goes to the facebook contact list where i can not see my phone contact.

    I'm getting irritating .please give me a solution.
  3. monsterkartik

    monsterkartik New Member

    Which other values did you tweak ?
    Also does this hamper the volume when the media ?

    I increased the value to 100 for this particular code, it definetely made an impact but wouldnt mind a bit higher volume..
  4. jimlad

    jimlad Well-Known Member

    Make the stock messaging application look infinitely better
    goto settings within the msg app and change the font size to small!

    it looks a million times better!
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  5. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    you meant small right? :p
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  6. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    Test Mode

    All those codes on page 1 and know one mentioned this one...


    This will load up up the LCD test screen where you can test the sensors, touch screen, speakers, cameras, etc etc ;)
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  7. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    This is in a few threads, thought i'd pop it in here....

    Samsung DIVE

    sign in with a samsung account and have remote security to your phone.
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  8. retrorom

    retrorom Well-Known Member

  9. skunkonkrunk

    skunkonkrunk Active Member

    Hold down the menu key (not the home button, the capacitive key to the left) to enable quick searching. Works on the home screens to search google, will allow for searching in the marketplace, youtube, messaging etc.

    This works on all Samsung Android handsets without a dedicated search key.
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  10. macca__macca

    macca__macca Active Member

    The stock S2 charger is 700mAh, the K3 charger (which also used a micro USB connector) is 850mAh and works perfectly.
  11. thesludge

    thesludge Member

    when playing music, and the graphic equalizer is on, if you touch the screen you can choose if you want to show track number, track time or not...
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  12. Elst

    Elst Active Member

    You press the home key which is the only key on the face of phone followed by the power button key on the right hand side in quick succession. If you hold the home key to long the recent program menu will come and ur screen shot will be taken of that. But all works fine for me.
  13. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    If you would like to speed up the GPS lock and connection time on the Galaxy SII...

    Try this...

    Settings > Location and security > ensure all the boxes under My location are ticked.

    Now download and install, free from the Market, GPS Test.

    Put your phone into, "Flight mode"...

    Settings > Wireless and network > Flight mode... check

    Open GPS Test (outdoors with a clear view of the sky) and select Menu > Settings > Clear AGPS

    Now just leave it for as long as it takes to get a solid lock on at least 6 Sat's (preferably more... 9->11 would be good). This can take 20 min's or more but be patient,

    When you have achieved this come out of Flight mode and then select GPS Test Menu > Settings > Update AGPS.

    Now reboot your phone.

    N.B. Please ensure you have no Task Managers or anything that will close or interfere with this app.

    Once rebooted you should find an improvement in accuracy and speed of your GPS.

    This article explains how GPS on mobile phones works:-

    How Does GPS Work In Cell Phones?


    ***If you are rooted, you can also download Faster fix, (recommended), free from the Market.

    Just select your location (sometimes, as in my case, a different location to the obvious one, works better) and your fix time should improve.

    Also for rooted phones, there is an AGPS patch which works very well, see here:-

    GpsFix, free from the Market, can decrease your time to fix by increasing the time that GPS/AGPS receiver is turned on.

    N.B. The free version of GpsFix now comes with AirPush ad's. So if you like this app and it helps you then consider getting the paid version which is ad free.

    I first ran it with GPS disabled on the phone and relied on WiFi for my initial fix before switching GPS back on. My fix time now is around 7-10 sec's.

    Hope this helps you. :D
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  14. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

    Nice tip, though the GPS is already fast for me. Did not know it was slow at all :D
  15. daivik

    daivik Well-Known Member

    I knew it existed, but never had the problem!

    But to the poster of the extensive guide! SHould I ever have the problem, I have your post copied as a txt on my desktop.
  16. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

  17. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

  18. lucasv1179

    lucasv1179 Member

    The way to capture a screenshot without fail is to press both the power and home buttons at the same time, immediately release ONLY the power button and continue to hold the home button. After half a second the screen is captured and you can let go of the home button.
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  19. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    Unless you actually use 3G (I assume most of us use wifi) go to..

    Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks and switch network mode to "GSM only"

    Not only will you get better battery life, but you'll get a stronger signal too :D

    I know most already know this, but thought I'd post for those that were not aware.
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  20. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    yeah, my ISP told me the same thing, stops drop calls from when it is trying to "swap" between the two - hence the drop out.
  21. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    I dont have a drop out problem using either mode.
  22. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    just to clarify, i dont have a problem with the phone, its where i live. im classed as "country" where there is no 3g officially, but im NEAR it, so it swaps around alot.
    i dont get many drop calls, but enough to know about it.
  23. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    i bought 2 more wall chargers off ebay, not official but the same specs.
    My phone is still in the shop but the missus CLAIMS with her phone the generic charges charge a little bit quicker, BUT give the phone less battery life. I still want to do some testing but for now, it might pay to use your ORIGINAL wall charger for best battery life.
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  24. inky

    inky New Member

    where do you find systems?
  25. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

    System info? download app called "android system info"
    it will tell you everything

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