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  1. inky

    inky New Member

    you can appearntly disable the shutter sound (If you are rooted)
    rename the shutter sound ogg file in /system/media/audio/ui. Rename it to .ogg.bak and it should stop the noise.

    where do i find system in my phone( only had it for two days)


  2. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    There is no shutter sound in silent mode on 2.3.4 :p
  3. inky

    inky New Member

    2,3,4 i dont understand?
  4. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

  5. inky

    inky New Member

    how can you tell?
  6. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

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  7. SilverDroid

    SilverDroid Well-Known Member

    That wasnt aimed at me was it?
  8. Mutant04

    Mutant04 Well-Known Member

    If you update to Firmware KF3, then there is no shutter noise in silent mode.
  9. icenots

    icenots New Member

    hello guys, i apologize if this question is outside the topic of the thread. i just got an unlocked s2, and is annoyed by the battery drain and the phone heat. i have been reading about freezing apps, and that this will help the battery life? However, this is my first time to use a droid as ive been using a nokia phone and an iphone 3g, but not jailbroken.

    i would like to ask for your help:

    1. is rooting necessary for freezing bloatware?
    2. will freezing help prolong battery life?
    3. will freezing alleviate heating issues on the phone?

    guys, thanks in advance for your help in advance. appreciate the help as i am not really tech savvy.
  10. loony

    loony Well-Known Member

  11. lob

    lob Well-Known Member

    Yuk! This thread has Aids.
  12. fjumayao

    fjumayao Active Member

    Does this really work? Do I need to need to install a specific app or is this specific to the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone ONLY?

    Thanks for any feedback.:confused:
  13. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid it is specific to the GS2 so won't work on your HTC.
  14. sp3llv3xit

    sp3llv3xit Member

  15. NABNAP

    NABNAP Member

    Double pressing the home button opens up Voice Talk.
  16. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    any way of customizing the double home button function? (rooted)
  17. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member

    edit: Damn I just realised, this has already been posted. 1973 didnt turn up in the search results for this thread though, odd!

    The call volume through the headset on the S2 is notoriously quiet, the following will help increase the volume through the headset.

    note: Use the menu key->Key input to enter values

    1. Open the dialler
    2. Dial *#*#197328640#*#*
    3. Navigate through the following menus:
    (5) Audio
    (1) Voice call
    (2) Headset
    (1) Volume
    (1) SRC Speech RX Volume
    4. Enter 5100. This sets the maximum level (5) to the maximum volume (100).
    5. Use the menu key, and select back six times to navigate back to the dialler.

    The headset volume setting is now set to the maximum when the volume toggle switch is set to the maximum.

    Note: When the phone is reset or powered off, the firmware will reset these settings back to the default, so you will have to go through this procedure again.

    Hope it helps!
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  18. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    Folks, I may have found something & appreciate if other could try this out to confirm or deny!

    When I am in the Idle (wish they had a better name for that BTW..) I have 7 pages currently. If I am on page, 1, 2 , 5 , 6, 7 AND I press the home button hold for a smaller duration it jumps to page 4 of the idle screens - like a home page - home page.

    The hold is longer than a quick click but not long enough to bring up the recent/Task manager popup. See how you go.

    ps. I have SGS2, Optus Aust. 2.3.3.
  19. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    im not sure wat u mean by Idle screens. if u mean the homescreens, then.. for me, no matter which page im on, when i press the home button, i get taken to page 1, the first homescreen
  20. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    If you do delete one of the homescreens, how do you add them back?

    Thanks :)
  21. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    There is a plus button in one of the frames in the pinch view, press that.
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  22. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate - I was too afraid to remove any of the screens until I knew it was possible to get them back :)
  23. Wolfnanna

    Wolfnanna New Member

    HAHAHAHA. gold! took me a few days to acknowledge the phone function too...
  24. The call volume thing doesn't work for me, says "CAUTION Menu being blocked" :(
  25. neverlandandy

    neverlandandy Member

    sorry if this has been asked before but can you have a different wallpaper for each home screen

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