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  1. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    I called T-mobile and told them I was sick of this phone. I have had it since launch and it has so far needed 2 bug fix patches and it still messes up. It still freezes every time I launch the web and try to go into my gallery.

    Since I am already on my third device they offered me an exchange to the HTC Radar 4G or I can get the Lumia 710 once it is in stock. Would anybody take either device?

    I should point out that I play on xbox live a lot and use Microsoft Office for work so the full integration of both of those within Windows Phone is something I am intrigued by. I don't play a whole lot of games on my phone either.

  2. cyberstoic

    cyberstoic Member

    Compared to the Sidekick4g either is a good option. My wife had a sidekick4g, which is quite possibly the worst device I have ever seen. Seriously, I had a Samsung behold II, and this is worse, and that is really saying something. I believe that this device will never be fixed. It will never be upgraded, which is sad because it really is quite capable. Just another samsung piece of junk to be discarded.

    She is currently sporting an HTC Surround and loves it. Since the radar is spec'd about the same, I would say go with that, but who knows, the Lumia has a faster processor and may be the better choice. Good Luck either way!
  3. RunningTheRed

    RunningTheRed Member

    LOL...dang people HATING on the SK...why so mad? It's great!
  4. ncmacasl

    ncmacasl Well-Known Member

    wait a month and download some apps. it gets worse!!
  5. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    My local carrier actually was running a promo where they pay off your ETF with your existing carrier, gave you a free month, and have a 3000 minute family plan with text for $70 and 2GB of data for $15.

    So thanks to T-mobile's non support of this phone and it's issues (like locking up when using data while being bare stock so bad that I only used 110MB of data last month yet when I tried to lower my bill they told me the 2GB data plan was not available to me.... then proceeded to try to sell me the 10GB plan) I now have a spanking new HTC Sensation to use... and an unused refurbished Sidekick 4G to sell on eBay.

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