Titanium Backup Issue

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  1. kandinga

    kandinga Member

    When I click on my Text Messaging icon it appears that its opening but then closes immediately. I recently went through my processes today (in TB) to freeze some ones I don't need (or so I thought) so I'm assuming I froze something that the text messaging app needs to open. However, I just went back and defrosted the stuff I did today (because it was working before) and it's still not working.

    Please help :) Thanks!

  2. kandinga

    kandinga Member

    Well, I defrosted everything I've frozen and that worked. But I still need to know what process I froze that was the problem. Any ideas?
  3. dlamber7

    dlamber7 Well-Known Member

    Can you list what you froze? What firmware are you using?

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