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Titanium Backup question

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  1. djxpress

    djxpress Member

    I had a question about Titanium Backup. I used the free version to remove Social Hub. When I tried to restore it, it just keep showing the "loop" that circles around (i.e. hourglass). Never restored Social Hub.

    I tried to take the Social Hub apk and copy it over to /System/Apps using Root Explorer, I tried installing that way, and it won't work, after the install I get a message that "application not installed".

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    do you have USB debugging checked?

  3. djxpress

    djxpress Member

    I resolved the problem. Looks like the apk I uploaded didn't work, I d/l another one and it worked fine.
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  4. tak!

    tak! Member

    I'm also having this problem (using a GSII) - I backed up various samsung bloatware apps, and then uninstalled them. Now I try to restore them back, and whilst some of them restore fine (eg. Game Hub) some of them cause TiBu to get stuck in an endless loop (eg. Social Hub). How do I get round this? I don't particularly want the Samsung apps back, it just annoys me that I can't seem to get them back (am I right that when Samsung release their official ICS on the GSII next year I need to restore them all then in order for it to work?)

    thanks, and happy new year!
  5. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Most system apps are not fully restorable, which is why we NEVER suggest deleting them.

    Do you have a nandroid that includes those apps? There should always be a go back to stock option ie nAndroid that was made after first root....then it is only a matter of restoring stock recovery to accept an update

    Which brings us to that issue

    Its a good rule of thumb NOT to accept OTA updates.. its generally a pain to get back to stock and you may lose root. Once the update is out a developer will typically have a rooted flash able version out within hours of release. In the case of the original sgs2 the update will most likely leak and you guys will have it much prior to everyone else
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  6. scott14719

    scott14719 Member

    I HIGHLY recomend purchasing the "pro" version of TiBu because of the ability to "Freeze" Apps instead of completely uninstalling them. Frozen apps appear to the phone as if they are not there. The icons will remain, but the apps will not work or use system resources. Uninstalling Apps can lead to stability issues if you don't know exactly what you are doing. When it comes time for an OTA update (if you want to take it), just unfreeze the apps and you are good to go. Of course you also need to make sure you have the stock recovery back on the phone if you installed CWM.

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