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Titanium Quirks & QuestionsGeneral

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  1. mhornet

    mhornet New Member

    Just upgraded from an i1 to a Titanium and I like all of the now available apps, plus being able to access the Amazon market, but I've noticed a couple of quirks with the phone.

    1. The phone seems to lose its connection to a wi-fi network when the screen shuts off. The wi-fi indicator stays on in the status bar, but if you try and access the Market or a website, you get a "connection error" message. Turning off wi-fi, then back on, solves the problem temporarily which is when the screen powers down. I have the wi-fi sleep policy set to "never", so its not that.
    2. I like some of the built in ringtones that the i1 had. How can I transfer those to the Titanium?

  2. terrence1

    terrence1 Member

    Not sure if you can transfer the stock ring tones but here's a link that shows you how to transfer music and mp3 formated ring tones.

    Follow this link:

    http://www.knowyourcell.com/motorol...all_ring tones_on_your_motorola_titanium.html

    It provides an excellent "walk through" of how to transfer ringtones and music on to the Titanium.

    Now for the WiFi issue. Are you currently using any third party applications to access or control your WiFi? What about any task killers? The task Killer applications would probably cause you to loose that connections due to the nature of the application. I have not heard of or seen any others issues pertaining to the WiFi connection being turned off during sleep mode. If I come across any information regarding this I will post it here.

    Hope this helps!

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  3. mhornet

    mhornet New Member

    Thanks, good tip on the website. I downloaded an app called Zedge, which had a lot of good free ringtones and notification sounds, so im good there.

    As for the wi-fi problem, not using any 3rd party wi-fi or task killer apps. Using the same wi-fi networks as i did with my i1 and had no problems like this. The wi-fi on the i1 was more dependable than it is on the newer Titanium.

    I posted something on the official moto forum for the Titanium and one of the mods had me download alogcat, to copy the log files when the disconnect seemed to occur, and had me email those to him. Hopefully, this will get some resolve by doing this

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