TMO and iPhones

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  1. RodgerBrooks

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  2. Carolina Media

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    It would be better if they had the 3G/4G 1900mhz network live in more places. It's hard to get a significant amount of people to switch to T-Mobile with their iPhones and suffer Edge data while they await the refarm. Some have switched over though.

    I guess we will find out later this quarter whether or not this strategy worked well enough to prevent the kind of churn that happened last year when the 4S launched.
  3. mon5trum

    mon5trum New Member

    Yeah tmobile here in las Vegas actually started with the whole 3G 4G for the iphone and it works with my Samsung captivate as well, it still going to take a couple more months for everywhere else to go through the process :)
  4. As a T-Mobile prepaid Dealer this is Fantastic news!! Thanks for that link.

    Was in Vegas on the 22nd of September for a couple days, wonder if my girl was pulling T-Mo 4G on her Infuse....

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