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Tmobile galaxy s 2 needs a root to remove bloatware

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  1. Jimbo droid

    Jimbo droid Well-Known Member

    Well the phone is pretty fricken awesome but desperately needs a root to remove some of the crap bloatware that came with it from Tmobile. Used super one click root on my old galaxy vibrant and it worked great. Hope theyll update it for the newer galaxys s 2s

  2. e713

    e713 New Member

    Same boat here, I looking to remove unnecessary programs/apps. Can't find anything regarding the sgs2 (t-mobile version).
  3. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    I never rooted a phone before. But for me, I just created a folder in the Apps screen, then put all these extra unwanted apps in that folder. I never see them again. It doesn't bother me.

    But I still want to root the phone so I can have WIFI tethering agian.
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  4. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    You don't need root for tethering.
  5. furiousbird

    furiousbird Member

    More details about this?

  6. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

  7. Jimbo droid

    Jimbo droid Well-Known Member

    super 1 click is way more simple will wate thanks though.
  8. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    See "metekamil"'s post in Android Central forums, "No more free wi-fi tethering...". Something about a proxy application...?
  9. furiousbird

    furiousbird Member

    My GS2 is running 2.3.5 and I rooted it. Very easy and I delete lots of bloatwares.
  10. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Moving this to the all things root section.
  11. TimWhite

    TimWhite New Member

  12. tluv00

    tluv00 Well-Known Member

    I flashed EaglesBlood and bloatware is all gone. Stable, fast and good battery life.
  13. Bandaid

    Bandaid Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, newbie here! Sort of, I came here from the Prevail. Upgraded my phone to the galaxy S2 via t-mobile and I’m so happy.

    The following are apps that I either froze or uninstalled safely using the pro version of Titanium Backup. All apps were backed up first with Titanium Backup.

    ***Please keep in mind you have to be rooted in order to use Titanium Backup.***

    ***also remember if anything goes wrong with your phone you can always restore your phone to the original setting (like it was out the box) using your backup in cwm. (at least thats what the restore did for me)***

    411 & More - uninstalled
    AllShare 2.0 - uninstalled
    asphalt - uninstalled
    bonus apps – uninstalled
    Email 3.0 - uninstalled
    google play book - uninstalled
    lookout - uninstalled
    More for Me - uninstalled
    Slacker - uninstalled
    t-mobile name id - uninstalled
    t-mobile mall - uninstalled
    t-mobile tv - uninstalled
    video chat - uninstalled
    zino reader - uninstalled

    telenav - freeze (frozen)
    wifi sharing – freeze (frozen)
    wifi sharing manager – freeze (frozen)

    Everything else works as I like and I might update this with more app to freeze or uninstall.
  14. Bandaid

    Bandaid Well-Known Member

    Also, I noticed a change in ram usage (in running apps) before and after my
  15. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    Seems with T-Mobile rooting is simply the way to go since there is so much bloatware and the fact that ics will really not come soon so custom roms are where it will be. Anyway I think I will be rooting soon.

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