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[TMobile] [GUIDE] How to unbrick/unroot (Complete Stock) Updated 11/20

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  1. androidguy1991

    androidguy1991 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    I found a way to go back to complete stock unrooted!
    This will also unbrick your device if you ever get stuck at any point!
    This took 5min to flash.
    Also make sure your phone is 100% Charge, other wise things will go wrong.


  2. Hi, I got to step 30 and when I clicked on "Upgrade Start", I got a message saying:

    "Please install csmg b2c Client TOOL

    Select Tool -> B2C Client Setup menu"

    Any idea what it could be?
  3. So yup, I think I'm screwed. I tried it in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. No difference.
  4. So yup, I think I'm screwed. I tried it in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. No difference.
  5. androidguy1991

    androidguy1991 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried a hared reset? Hold the volume down while you turn the phone on and follow the instructions. That app you used is for ICS not JB?
  6. Nah, hard reset doesn't work.
    One of the update descriptions say it improved 4.1 comparability I guess it works with JB as well. But I think the problem is that it was meant for Samsung phones.

    I don't know why I used the app to be honest. I think I got it confused with something else.
  7. hugerichman

    hugerichman Well-Known Member

    If u have a metro service phone do NOT use flash tool it changes your service to t mobile cause now I'm stuck on t mobile wen I didn't even buy it from t mobile if u can help me with this problem it would be GREAT THANX
    Next time could u please put what service this is used for
    If u did i didnt see it any where
  8. hugerichman

    hugerichman Well-Known Member

    Ok never mind im sorry i found where it said t mobile only
  9. infowarz

    infowarz Well-Known Member

    Just UNLOCK the GSM and your good to go! Find unlocker here or on e*bay or anywhere that guarantees their unlocking or money back. Should not pay more then $15 usd.

    Sorry for not seeing this last time I was viewing this thread.
  10. jokerpks

    jokerpks Well-Known Member

    Thanks worked like a charm. :)
  11. hugerichman

    hugerichman Well-Known Member

    I Followed a different one a long time ago and changed it back to metro alls i know is that this one works all right lol just don't use it when you don't have T-Mobile lol.
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  12. jokerpks

    jokerpks Well-Known Member

    Nope works on MetroPCS just use the right kdz.
  13. bad karma

    bad karma Active Member

    i soft bricked my lg optimus f6 [metro] changing fonts.i can follow the guide but i need the kdz for metro phone.if anyone can provide that download,it would be greatly appreciated.only had phone a week.ty
  14. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips Well-Known Member

  15. bad karma

    bad karma Active Member

    i soft bricked my lg optimus f6[metro],i cant seem to get the kdz.Ive tried every link,but no luck.i got everything else that i need downloaded.if anyone can help me out,i would really appreciate it.ty
  16. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips Well-Known Member

  17. infowarz

    infowarz Well-Known Member

    Sorry to here that.... I've been practicing that myself lately...

    Did ya reboot after installing latest drivers?

    And did ya allow the drivers install into the F6.

    My drivers installed and then they installed some into the phone. Than it was seen by the LG Tools.
    Otherwise I got an error.

    Hope you get it fixed.
  18. waterlubber

    waterlubber Member

    Ahhh! Help! I think I just invented a new kind of paperweight! My phone's screen shows a series of horizontal black and white stripes, and the screen brightness flies about. The lines are pulsating, too. It seems to show the rainbow colors at the home button...did I just make a pretty self-decorating brick? Please, please, please help me! I need help! Please? I followed the instructions and my phone is totaled...as well as my warranty. Help! Please? mailto:waterlubber@rocketmail.com?subject=help <---Preferably use that link right there.

    At least parts of the phone are functioning at >.01%: The lines move a bit when the phone is rotated and an odd sound plays when it's unplugged...plus the buttons at he bottom light up.
  19. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

  20. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    Question... I bought the F6 from MetroPCS (due to a good sale) and originally planned on unlocking it to work on T-Mobile. However, if I flash the T-mobile ROM, would I still need to unlock it in order for it to work on T-mobile? Will flashing this ROM bypass the need to unlock it?

    Edit: I Googled a little deeper and I think I found the answer. It still needs to be unlocked no matter what. So I assume I should probably unlock the phone first before flashing any ROMs of any kind.
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  21. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    I'm on step 30. When I click Upgrade Start a window pops up saying Please install CSMG B2C Client Tool Select Tool -> B2C Client Setup menu

    What is this?

    Oh, and how do I unplug from Download mode? It tells me not to unplug until the process is complete...

    Edit... I found out how to get out of Download Mode by holding Volume - and Power until it went off. But I still can't get passed step 30.
  22. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    Well I found out that CSMG B2C Client is LG Mobile Support Tool. Took me a while to figure that one out. Well, I hope it's the right one because I downloaded it. Anyway, after installing it and fallowing the process listed above I still run onto the problem of the LG Mobile Support Tool doing nothing or anything that is described above. After pressing "Upgrade Start" on step 30, it launches LG Mobile Support Tool but then nothing after that. I tried (at risk but determined out of frustration) to continue on my own by starting the upgrade. It downloaded something large and installed it... well it tried to. It must have failed because my phone restarted right back to where it was before, with the same apps installed and settings set. Nothing happened. Better than a bricked phone, but still frustrating I cannot get this to work.

    I am started to look for another method or hoping for some kind of help from here. I will keep waiting. Thank you to whomever will try to help out.
  23. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    Sounds to me what you need to do is use something like root explorer or another file manager and go into your system/ directory and delete the build.prop to soft brick your phone. Download the official LG mobile support tool from the LG website n install it. Restart your phone. It should go to a blank black screen after the LG logo n cycle colors on the home key. You are now soft bricked. Hook your phone to your computer via usb cable. Open the LG mobile support tool, let it discover your phone and then click Connect. It will then search for an update and tell you that it has found an upgrade. Click upgrade. Let it download the "I" firmware upgrade and it will reflash your phone back to complete stock as if it's fresh out of the box. No more root, no more worries!! Yes it's that easy. I have tested this method many times and its worked every time.

    Backup your data first of course.
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  24. HallOfPromise

    HallOfPromise Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the tip! I will give it a go after dinner tonight.

    I also should throw out there that I have the MetroPCS firmware/phone, however I want to flash the T-mobile stock ROM because I am going to sign up for T-mobile service. (I already unlocked the phone.) This is not a requirement for me, but I do want it done. Is there any way I can make sure the LG Mobile Support Tool installs the T-mobile ROM rather than the MetroPCS ROM?

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