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  1. nixie21

    nixie21 Well-Known Member

    how is the service in northern New Jersey, Bergen county area? switching from virgin at the end of the month...hopefully getting the nexus 4!! can't wait. just want to make sure tmobile works well in New Jersey, New York area

    thanks so much

  2. phatning

    phatning Active Member

    I'm a Sprint subscriber but thinking about switching over to T-Mobile prepaid once Nexus 4 comes out. I have a pre-paid T-Mobile phone for work and I did a signal test yesterday on my way home (GWB to Rt. 4, then New Bridge Rd in Teaneck to Blvd in New Milford, and onto Grant Ave and Oradell Ave in Oradell). The signal strength and coverage were pretty decent; obviously better on Rt. 4 than local roads. There were, however, a couple pockets of 1 bar or even no bar along Blvd in New Milford.

    Not sure where you live in Bergen County. It might help if you provide a bit more info on your neighborhood so other folks can help you out.

    Good luck.
  3. nixie21

    nixie21 Well-Known Member

    thanks ! i am in the Westwood/Norwood area. your area is places i go as well so thanks again
  4. phatning

    phatning Active Member

    You are welcome.

    Just keep in mind that I was only testing the coverage and signal strength for 2G and voice since my prepaid phone is just a "feature" (aka dumb) phone.

    One more thing I would add is that - comparing to my findings - it seems T-Mobile online coverage map (for 2G and voice) is pretty accurate. I'm hoping that would also be the case for its 3G/4G coverage map.
  5. Kahroo

    Kahroo Well-Known Member

    I also live in NNJ (Essex county near Verona) and would like to know how the data/signal speeds are.

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