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Tmobile is Charging for Tethering and WiFi Hotspot UseGeneral

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  1. No_Nickname90

    No_Nickname90 Well-Known Member

    Supposed Tmo is now charging people to Tether their phones and use it as a WiFi hotspot!? Are they, because when I got the update to actually tether and Wifi hotspot, I didn't notice anything different in my tmobile price, and I was tethering wifi hotspotting like a mad man. LoL!! I was at school just being a hotspot for everybody. LoL!! That's an over exaggeration. It was just one person.

    But still, I didn't see any difference in my price, and I'm shole aint going to ask no Tmobile about it. *snaps* LoL!! I keed.

    But when I got my G2, Tmo told me I "HAD" to have the $30 data plan with the G2. I didn't think much of that though, since I previously had the Vibrant and had my data plan on that price anyways. People are saying it's $15 extra, yet my bill has always been the same!! Gasp!! What's going on? Is there something I'm missing?

    I also seen that the original 3g data costed $15 and to add tethering/ wifi hotspot made it $30. If it's the later, thats fine, since my bill is $60. I have like no minutes because I don't talk anyways. I mean really, why would I buy a QWERTY phone and talk 98% of the time? LoL!!

    Maybe I should just like go online to the Tmo website?

  2. stargazer418

    stargazer418 New Member

    No, T-Mobile does not charge extra for tethering. There are two data plans: $15/month for 200 MB/month, and $30/month gets you unlimited data. If you have the Even More Plus plan, the 200 MB data jumps down to $10/month.
  3. YellaDogg2002

    YellaDogg2002 Member

    How do u tether and become a hot spot?
  4. androidOG

    androidOG Well-Known Member

    T mobile now has tethering plan for 15 bucks a month. You probably havent noticed a difference in the bill because t mobile doesnt notifiy you until you hit the 5GB Mark of tethering. Then its automatically on your bill. @yelladog if you go to wireless and network in the settings and choose wi-fi hot spot you can start tethering
  5. sdavis0961

    sdavis0961 New Member

    yes I would like to ask the same thing, as a 12 hour old G2 user.
  6. Queue515

    Queue515 Active Member

    Home-Menu-settings-wireless and networks-tethering and portable hotspot
  7. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirmed that TM adds the tethering service on automatically? I doubt the do/can because they can't simply add a service without obtaining the customers permission or having this action built into the service agreement. As I understand it, once yo reach 5GB they _only_ throttle your data. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. cheaplikeafox

    cheaplikeafox Member

    I heard that you get texted if they are going to start charging you for tethering. It only happened to certain people who used a lot of data. They don't automatically charge you for tethering...you have to agree to it.
  9. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    To the op, way too much overuse of " LoL!! "

    and yeah charging for tethering is ghey.
  10. No_Nickname90

    No_Nickname90 Well-Known Member

    I'm ascared. When I check my Tmo account, it says I've used only 1GB (I know the difference between b and B, so that's not a typo) of data, yet I have this app that tells you how much data you've used, and it said I've used 17GB of data. o_O? I was tethering those days too. And I mean I was tethering 1 Wii and 1 laptop for like 4 hours. The next 2 days was just 1 laptop for about 4 hours each day. So if my Tmo Account says I've only used about 1GB of data, is that data including my tethering?

    Also, the app says I've used 6GB of data from my SpeedTest app. It's an app that test your download speed. Truckin 6GB of data? Really!? From testing how fast my data is? I don't think so. Especially since I have to manually go to it, and it's not like updating every hour or something. I think that app (the how much data you're using) is lying!! LoL!! It's basically been saying I'm using about 5GB of data every day. LoL!! WT_T!? (What tha truck)
  11. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

    I can't speak for the unknown apps you are using or how they were set up but all that mattes is what TM states you have used.

    As I read, right not TM can't tell the difference between what data your phone is using and what data is being tethered through your phone.
  12. Carol365

    Carol365 New Member

    We has been customers of T-Mobile for over 10 years. When we bought our MyTouch 4G phones and upgraded our plan (over 1 year ago), we were told at the store that WiFi hotspot use was included in the plan. Since we have laptops and use them away from home we thought the hotspot option was great and it sold us on the phones and the 5MB data plan for each phone. The sales rep. told us that if we went over 5MB we would be throttled (slowed). He was well aware we were interested in the hotspot feature and service on the phones and even showed us how to use it. He never mentioned an extra fee, just said it was included in the data usage. We used the hotspot feature for ove a year without a problem. Recently we received a message from T-Mobile telling us we had to pay an additional $14.99 per phone per month to allow hotspot use. They shut the hotspot service on our phones down.

    I called to ask why we were told something different at the store and had these phones for over a year using them as a hotspot. The T-Mobile rep, said they have always charged for WiFi hotspot service. They were just now cracking down on customers that were using the service for free. She also said I was lucky to be receiving the service for free for over a year. I explained it wasn't for free since we had chosen the 5MB plan over the 3MB plan and the more expensive phones, because we were told the hotspot was included. We would never use over 3MB without the hotspot option. We paid for the 5MB regardless of how it was used. I asked if there was addtional expenses to the company to use data on the hotspot as opposed to the hotspot? She could not answer that question.

    I explained that without the hotspot service we would be downgrading our plan, or possibly cancelling our plans, since it seems that the someone (either the store or T-Mobile Service) was not upfront about this. We have 4 phones (Myself; my husband; my daughter and my son) on plans, as well as a WiFi broadband account with T-Mobile. I was told that was our choice and there was nothing they could do. So, now our family has decided to downgrade our service and cancel all our plans when their contracts expire. Sad that over 10 years of customer loyalty means so little to them. :(
  13. pjcesarz

    pjcesarz New Member

    Dear Carol365,

    I have a similar experience. Mine just happened 2 days ago (the push text message warning) despite approximately 18-months of tethering use. Our phones were also purchased under the representation of T-Mobile personnel stating that tethering is included as long as you stay below the threshold amount. In fact, they even showed us how to use the native application pre-installed on the phone!

    I have submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, which only takes minutes. I encourage you to do the same.

    Depending on T-Mobile's response, I will follow-up with the Federal Trade Commission. This smells of misrepresentation.

    Best of luck.
  14. tronmech

    tronmech Member

    I kept my eye on Tmonews and on at least one occasion they had a secret sale on the 5gb plan where I got 5gn and the tethering plan for the same $30/month I was posting for 2gb.

    Then there is the cellfi box they gave me... All because I have a standing complaint about coverage issues. I think it depends on who you talk to. There is almost always someone who can get at least something done. Finding them is the trick.
  15. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    Some reps can help, most cannot. I just closed my eyes, bought a mobile hotspot(non-contract) and will from now on pay full price for a non-branded phone and ditch contracts. I won't ever sign a contract again so I will be able to go to whatever plan is cheapest.

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