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    OK well I hope this helps a lot of people because i magically stumbled upon this...i was trying to update my 4G to the new gingerbread 2.3.5 using ODIN3...well first off, for those trying to do the same thing, let me help you out...i couldnt get my phone into download mode regardless of all the video i saw and read. Until one guy posted to: 1) take out the battery, 2) hold the Volume down button i believe and the power button together and 3) keep holding those and put the battery back in...AND...vuala! it went into download mode! this worked for me so im hoping it works for you guys....anyways back to the original post. i stopped the firmware update early and i ended up bricking my phone. I was getting so mad because everything i was trying wouldnt work. One Click Unbrick wasnt downloading and i was trying different combos and...NOTHING! So i was like, screw it, ima just plug it in and start the firmware update and i guess we'll see what happens. i started it and i went on facebook (LOL)...i looked at the phone a few minutes later and there was a little blue line on the bottom of the screen...i go back to ODIN and sure enough, the update was going thru. so not only did it unbrick the phone but im now updated to Gingerbread 2.3.5. (I love it btw cuz now I can use the front facing camera on Skype and the interface is different) go ahead and try it and i hope it works for you guys. Leave me some comments below if it worked

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    Hey did your phone screen turn high yellow during process of updating trying to unbrick it now
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    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. I'm sorry you are experiencing root problems. For the best support for your phone you will want to check into the root area for the Galaxy S 4G. It can be found here: Galaxy S 4G - All Things Root - Android Forums I hope it works out for you and thanks for using these forums.

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