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Tmobile US MMS help please?Support

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  1. Hafrikan

    Hafrikan New Member

    Im new to android and I need some help. I bought a gt540 on ebay and I have tried every apn setting I can find for tmobile usa and I still cant send or receive mms messages. If anyone can help I would appreciate it because I am about to throw this thing out the window!

  2. wilwarin

    wilwarin Member

    Hello, sorry to bump this old post up but if you still need settings please let me know. I am also a Tmobile user and I have mine up and running fine.
  3. peppers

    peppers Active Member

  4. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt imagine you need data roaming and 2g only enabled because you are using US Tmobile's network which would mean you are not roaming, and use 2g only locks the phone into GPRS/EDGE networks which slows data to about 56kbps, unless there is somthing special about US Tmobile you will not need these options enabled, infact they will cause problems, data roaming will incur extra charges if it connects to a differant network and as I said earlier 2g only will slow all data to a crawl.
  5. peppers

    peppers Active Member

    the UMTS radio in the GT540 is incompatible with the t-moble network so 3g/4g will never work. and roaming setting may be necessary depending on what paticular calling plan your useing.

    also EDGE is not that slow.
  6. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    Thats wierd because I know the UK T-mobile network uses UMTS and therefore 3g, I have friends that are on it, also its a bit wierd you would need roaming, because roaming is sing another network.

    EDGE uses the GSM network, and the best speeds you will get off GSM is about 56 maybe 64Kbps unless you live up the mast.
  7. peppers

    peppers Active Member

    the us t-moble networks use UMTS but not the same frequency this phone supports. Its a gsm world phone but only dose 900/2100 for UMTS. US t-moble needs 1700

    I get better speeds than that using EDGE, its not as good as 3g or 4g but its not as slow as dial up. The max speed possiple for EDGE is suppose to be 560 Kbps, you don't really get that kind of speed but generally its at least 110 or higher. also I do not use t-moble but I use a pay per use plan for data and it will not function with roaming turned off. I do not know why.

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