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To all my s4 owners is it worth the upgrade if coming from a note 2?General

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  1. bucsfan

    bucsfan Well-Known Member

    really thinking about upgrading but dont know how much of a upgrade it is

  2. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    Read some of the reviews, I would think it is but have not used one yet, mine is coming today.

    I consider it an upgrade over my iPhone 5 but will not really be sure until it comes and I fool with it a couple days.
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  3. iTzKPanda

    iTzKPanda AF's resident panda

    In my opinion, not really. Unless you need a 1080p screen or a 13mp camera.
    The Note 2 will be receiving most of the features from the S4 too.
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  4. veccster

    veccster Well-Known Member

    I would not consider that to be worth the hassle of an upgrade. Why jump this early? You have a very similar phone with slightly different software. Wait until the "next big thing"....moto x or Note 3 - which could have a metal body and be a big upgrade hardware-wise.
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  5. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    Unless you need to downsize your phone, I don't see why. Note 2 is still fresh and in good shape I think.
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  6. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    I have both (just upgraded the GS3 to GS4) and I don't think it's worth the hassle either unless you want the HD screen that is smaller. The Note 2 is still very capable and actually part of me thinks that it's just a different market segment except that now the differences in screen size is just .5in, the line is not that clear anymore. The Note 2 is still so relatively new, too.
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  7. LookSir,Droids

    LookSir,Droids Well-Known Member

    I consider the Note 2 to be more of a phablet, so if that's what you're looking for stick with the Note 2. If you want a device that is more of a phone than a tablet, check out the GS4. People who buy the Note 2 generally do so for specific reasons, like wanting a tablet in a phone. If that's why you got it, stick with it. Otherwise it's up to you!!
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  8. JerZyT28

    JerZyT28 Active Member

    I just got the GS4 on AT&T..Brought my International GN2 from overseas and no one could give me answers if it would work on stateside carriers. After I got my GS4, I slapped the sim card in and it worked :mad: minus 4G of course...oh well, I'm gonna sell that and use my GS3 for international travel if need be...Overall, ITs not an upgrade, but it's not a downgrade IMO...its just the new model of Samsung phones for me
  9. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    In terms of hardware specs it's worth it.

    The Note 2 at it's heart was just an S3(international) with a slight overclock and bigger screen.

    The product is relatively new, the performance is comparable to devices launched last April.
  10. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    I wouldn't be too caught up on specs on this case. Rather I would look at your usage. Do you use the S Pen? Do you watch a lot of movies that a high def screen would be better?
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  11. sugaman1

    sugaman1 Active Member

    Short answer is NO!
  12. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    I just swapped out my GN2 for the GS4 today. I really wanted more of a phone than the phablet. I do not use a stylus so some of the nice features of the GN2 were lost on me. But basically, I just wanted to carry around a capable phone with a nice, large screen. I found the GS4 to really fit the bill for me... better portability than the Note 2.

    I still really like the N2... but it was not for me.
  13. GatorfanDroid

    GatorfanDroid Well-Known Member

    I was finally able to play around with an s4 at a sprint store. And was impressed all the way. I can't wait to get mine. It felt so light weight like a feather with out a case. The picture / video clearness on the screen was awesome!it felt like a mini HDTV.. I can't wait to get mine.
  14. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    I have the SG3 and Note 2. I am skipping the S4 for the Note 3.

    The S Pen is awesome. But I do think the S4 is a great phone for most people coming from any other phone other than SG3 or Note 2.
  15. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    I have all three handsets. I think it is a reasonable upgrade, unless you really spend a lot of time doing things that benefit greatly from the larger screen, or if the battery life is crucial. I got the S4 to review, but otherwise would have held out for the Note 3 for sure.
  16. bupolo

    bupolo Well-Known Member

    I'm considering whether to upgrade from the GS3 to GS4 (I think I prefer the GS4 over the HTC One), what do you think of the upgrade? One of the driving factors is my GS3 screen is all cracked to shit, but it still works perfectly fine, and the battery life is alright . . . so I could spend $150 to get a refurbished GS3 (with a fix screen) or something less than $200 for a GS4 (with a trade in at Best Buy of my GS3) or do nothing :)
  17. Razaroth

    Razaroth Member

    The Note and Galaxy are very alike phones. The Note 2 even has some things better than the Galaxy S4.

    The size and battery life of the Note 2 are absolutely fantastic. If I were you, I don't think the S4 has enough to justify the price it would cost for an upgrade.

    Stick with your Note until the new "latest and greatest" comes along. When everyone is asking about if they should get the (insert upcoming phone here), you'll feel better jumping on it.
  18. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    Battery report on my GS4. It's been off the charger and turned on for 17+ hours. Fairly light usage today with some browsing, texting and calls. 72% remaining. Color me impressed. ;)
  19. goonryan2005

    goonryan2005 Member

    I sold my Note 2 and upgraded to the One and then swapped for a GS4 because I didn't care for the One. It honestly isn't that much different. I swapped because I was tired of carrying around a phone of that size. The GS4 was a good swap because it was a much smaller phone yet still had a nice size screen.
  20. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    I have the VZ Note 2 and love it. It has the best reception of any phone I have ever owned. I get good call quality and data in my underground basement. I will be curious how the S4 does. I returned the S3 because I had NO signal in my basement.

    How are the ATT and Sprint versions comparing for S4 vs Note 2?
  21. Tomo1971

    Tomo1971 Well-Known Member

    This for me too. Love the note 2 but with a big case on, it's huge. Wife has an s3 that is slightly too small for my big hands (screen size) so the s4 seems ideal. At least this is what I keep telling myself to justify the price, lol
  22. JimmyTheSaint

    JimmyTheSaint Well-Known Member

    Basically, this. I get a lot of satisfaction out of the S's smaller form factor. the Note's is frequently just a bit annoying. The S4 seems a little smoother and zippier, so now that I can have a screen that shows as much or more readable text and info than the Note, I don't don't regret spending yet more money on the S4. A page of text is smaller, yes, but since it's sharper it's fine. That won't work for people who just can't stand smallness.

    I'm getting some poor battery performance compared to my Note 2, but I haven't tested long enough to be sure if it's just simply because I'm playing more with the new toy. But the lack of disk space is regrettable. I've always been happy to root my phones without installing elaborate custom rom's, but this time I'll be trying rom's that promise to annihilate the bloatware without any adverse side effects.
  23. PrinceOfDorne

    PrinceOfDorne Well-Known Member

    S4 has 441 ppi which makes its display superior and more fluid, among other things.
  24. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Well-Known Member

    If you don't have one check out my signature. Excellent condition. Awesome phone, but I just don't want it myself. Not exactly for me. I'll miss the features it provided though. Sprint version. Black Mist.

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