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To be honest, we should be upgradingGeneral

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  1. djdestroyer

    djdestroyer New Member

    If your phone isn't totally mashed like mine is by now, you're not driving it hard enough! lol

    My keyboard is missing 4 letters with more that are just barely hanging on. I somehow have 3 scratches on my gorilla glass. Knicks and chips all over, my battery cover doesn't close all the way. And that is just the outside!

    - My phone shuts down all the time for no apparent reason.
    - My phone makes a scrambling noise at the beginning of every call.
    - My phone will play random ringtones taking songs or noises from various sound folders.
    - My camera isn't synced with the flash anymore.
    - Video camera glitches in playback.
    - Super slow, glitchy, lots of errors.

    How long will you keep your Milestone going for?!

  2. ttibbs

    ttibbs New Member

    they sound like all the things that are wrong with mine...
  3. loopylilac

    loopylilac New Member

    My phone is doing the same stuff. Wish I didn't have another year to my contract! :(

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