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To case, or not to case?Accessories

  1. anemoneman

    anemoneman Member

    Now that the phones been out for a while, I need some input. Is it worth putting a case on the phone (due to the slippery back) or not?

  2. MosIncredible

    MosIncredible Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure this will be moved to the accessories sub-forum but my answer is yes to case. Even if you are not someone who drops phones, I would get something to protect the back of the phone for sitting it down on desk/tables/counters. I am not a rough person and I have a very small nick on my battery door. I bought a TPU case after I spotted it.
  3. Czarcat

    Czarcat Well-Known Member

    I found the phone to be way too slippery. I like a naked phone, but, I opted to case the Atrix.
  4. oHIobellboy

    oHIobellboy Member

    I picked up the Speck case from the ATT store yesterday. (I'm an employee so I get 40% off accessories). Nice tight fit. Thick enough to protect it and not slippery although I have no trouble getting it out of the side pockets of my cargo jeans I wear all the time. Those side pockets are great for transporting a phone around. Retail was $35 but I'm sure they can be found cheaper.

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