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To everyone who ordered from RS online yesterday....General

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  1. i2c

    i2c Well-Known Member

    What's your order status as of currently?

    This is mine
    wtf? There's like no status? What's everyone else's like?

  2. mastersoup

    mastersoup Well-Known Member

    below that is where it shows my status. it says cancelled, now im waiting to make sure my money is put back into my account, then ill order elsewhere.
  3. i2c

    i2c Well-Known Member

    Did you cancel it or did they?
  4. w0rd

    w0rd Well-Known Member

    Mine was cancelled also. No notifications or anything. I ordered around 7PM Eastern though.
  5. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    Mine shows like that and I had ordered all the way back on the 22nd.

    This is quite a quandry....
  6. Etegral

    Etegral Active Member

    This is what mine looks like. Ordered on 5/31 around 8am pacific time.
  7. jmatherly411

    jmatherly411 Well-Known Member

    Radioshack is getting ridiculous I spoke to yet another customer care rep today apparently they didn't get the amount of EVO inventory requested during the the FIRST pre-order, I pre-ordered mine on May 24th still saying items located in stock. Not 100s but 1000s have called canceling their orders for this phone, they need to go buy who ordered first, especially us that have pre-ordered on the 24th or whenever they first put the EVO V 4G up for pre-order. If you cancel you lose your spot and I am worried if I cancel mine I'll have a hard time finding it elsewhere. Guess ill just wait it out see what happens.

    Also the rep said we may get an email if it ships today or an email saying that radioshack cancelled our orders for this phone, I wouldn't hold my breath if you pre-ordered yesterday...
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  8. ShootNblanks

    ShootNblanks New Member

    I ordered yesterday with overnight shipping. Order status is still "Item(s) located in stock" I'm getting impatient like everyone else, but it's kind of encouraging to know tbousands have been cancelling their orders, I'm just hoping to get mine by early next week.
  9. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    Mine was ordered on the 22nd. It's really quite absurd that they are discarding the pre-order people for the people who are paying overnight shipping. I find it to be very unprofessional and unsatisfactory.

    Mine says "Items located in stock too" too. TBH, I'm just frustrated and I feel like nobody handled this very well. They should of expected demand for it. If they couldn't fill the orders, they should not have it for pre-order in the first place. Some of these businesses lacking ethics...

    All I can do is wait it out too...
  10. jmatherly411

    jmatherly411 Well-Known Member

    Agreed, part of me wants to go ahead and cancel and get out of the limbo with Radioshack. The other part wants me to wait and see what happens, im getting tired of waiting if they can't meet their quota why did they put the EVO V 4G back up for preorder yesterday very absurd IMO. Im very tempted to just order from VMUSA's website and see what happens. Its very annoying that people that paid for overnight shipping got their orders expedited, I paid for the standard shipping to my front door step does this mean that the people that opted for the free site to store shipping gets the shaft? I guess we will find out today...
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  11. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    Radio Shack is blaming VM for not getting them anywhere near the # of evo v's they were supposed to. Who knows, not surprised, definitely annoyed, oh well.
  12. novak921

    novak921 Well-Known Member

    Get this, I get a call an hour ago from Karen at Radio shack online confirming my order and releasing it from processing. I asked if it would be going out today and she said yes. I just checked the order status online, cancelled. How's that for service.
  13. i2c

    i2c Well-Known Member

  14. BlackGravity

    BlackGravity Well-Known Member

    i ordered mine from RS at around 9:30 am PT... and mine is on its way...

    On Schedule[​IMG]

    Picked up
    In transit

    In transit

    Shipment Dates

    Ship date [​IMG]
    May 31, 2012

    Estimated delivery [​IMG]
    Jun 1, 2012 by 3:00 PM



    so don't know why you got canceled
  15. i2c

    i2c Well-Known Member

    this is so stupid. I still don't have any status. Should I stay in here? Or should I ditch for a virgin mobile site order? Uuuuuuuuuugh
  16. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    I did
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