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To get insurance or not? How much can a used Hero be had for?

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  1. Vesbon

    Vesbon Well-Known Member

    To insure the Hero through Sprint is $7 / month plus a $100 deductible if I have to make a claim. So that's $184 per year, if I loose the phone at exactly the 12 month mark.

    How much can one get a used Hero for these days? Or maybe there are places that sell them refurbished? Obviously, I'd have to pay full price (no Sprint discounts or anything).


  2. F.L.A.M.z

    F.L.A.M.z Member

    Insurance is BS unless its a new just released phone. Hero and moments go for 100 - 200 on Craigslist. 100 deductible is too much on top of 7 per phone per month . its cheaper to buy used ones sometimes they are even new ones you buy.
  3. Vesbon

    Vesbon Well-Known Member

    Actually e*bay is still selling them in the $300 range. I even did completed listings and they are $250 and up. In that case, insurance may be worth it. I didn't think the Hero's would be that expensive anymore, now that the EVO is out. I thought maybe $75 (since it's used)

  4. tinyin210

    tinyin210 New Member

    well if you look at it you dont have to pay 7 a month for insurance 3 is for equipment replacement that is for system failure screen goes out that is good to have but 4 dollars more you get the protection from theft jumping/or getting thrown into a pool things like that but the best part i would say is the $100 bucks that it takes to get a new/refurb phone can be charged to your account and can be paid over time given you dont have a low spending limit if your like me i have a 400 dollar spending limit my bill is $109 a month with taxes if i charge the deductible and send 129 5 times i get a replaement phone no inturuption of service and if you have had the phone a long time and it is not in circulation anymore they send you the next best phone and its new not the next new refurb phone

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