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  1. seethesvt

    seethesvt Well-Known Member

    I bought the bionic the day it was released and was quickly disappointed in the root capabilities... getting a new phone tomorrow. Verizon. Should I get the s3 or something else? I've always had moto droids, wanna try something else. Is there a better phone than the s3 coming anytime soon?

  2. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    Couldn't be happier with mine.
  3. Rick2179

    Rick2179 Well-Known Member

  4. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    There's ALWAYS a better phone coming soon. You need to ask yourself is the Galaxy S3 good for me right now.

    For me personally, that would still be a massive and resounding YES.

    It'll take some getting used to, and it will have quirks all its own compared to your other phones...but it's still a fantastic phone.
  5. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    Love mine. Root is easy to do (I used the no flash method, so I didn't have to start all over afterwards), and there's an app in Google Play that will unlock the encrypted bootloader with one click, so custom ROMs with new kernels are able to be flashed if you want. So, great phone and now fully open for all the modding it sounds like you want to do.
  6. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    I waited for a phone that would be a good mile stone. The sgs3 will handle anything the android is can throw at it for the next two years. I haven't come across a single app that doesn't run smoothly. Also with the unlocked boot loader, we will see updates. I don't see any game changers coming out before my two years with the sgs3 is over.
  7. mightymousehhd4

    mightymousehhd4 Well-Known Member

    I've been all HTC since the Eris and never looked at samsung/moto phones. All the hype about this phone made me look at it/play with it/ get it. As Nate said about, I couldn't be happier. Everything about this phone is great...except for VZW locking down Wallet...which there is an easy fix for. Root and unroot are cake, and it runs like a BEAST. IMO there it isn't a question on if you should get it, its more of why don't you have it already. You won't be disappointed.
  8. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member

    Love my S3, just got it Saturday. It's insane.

    I like Sense on HTC but HATE how they switched the home and menu button around.
  9. seethesvt

    seethesvt Well-Known Member

    I got it last Saturday. There's some things I don't like, like the instant upload gallery in my photo gallery, so I deleted my google+ account. I hated the keyboard, so I got SwiftKey. I miss my search button on the bottom of the phone too. I I also don't like that I can't reposition the app drawer button on my dock. But, I'm gonna root it right now and spend the next 2 months finding the rom that works best for me. There are a lot of things I do like though, too many to list.
  10. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    You can toggle instant upload within the g+ settings. The keyboard is a non issue and if you hold down the menu button it'll imitate you beloved search button.
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  11. mpavlansky

    mpavlansky Well-Known Member

    I came from a DX and love my G3. You made a great decision to get this phone, and should continue to enjoy it.

    Noting that you didn't like the keyboard that came with it, I might suggest swype. I went to their site, signed up for their beta version, and really love it. The Samsung keyboard that came pre-installed was lousy. I've always been a big fan of swype, and now with this new update, I'm a bigger fan.
  12. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Use Nova or Apex launcher and you'll be able to move the app drawer button...and do lots of other nice things too.
  13. seethesvt

    seethesvt Well-Known Member

    I hate swype. SwiftKey is sweet. I barely have to do anything to make a sentence. I almost types for me. And it's fun to just hit the space bar and see what kinda sentence the phone makes for me. Like this "I am a beautiful person. I pay for the first time in the world. I can't even wax my car cuz its so dusty, mix conditioning, post wash. Shouldn't have gotten a chance to win the game. I will watch football game."

    Launcherpro has always been my favorite launcher, and I've used it for 3 years. But using cm10 rom now.
  14. dkl1

    dkl1 Well-Known Member

    Swwwweeeet! Thanks for that tip!:D
  15. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Well-Known Member

    This is me. Eris, Incredible, Rezound, and today, SGS3. Like it a lot so far. We'll see once I root.
  16. djb28

    djb28 Well-Known Member

    I just got my Phone Thursday. Coming from a Thunderbolt. I can not believe how far these phones have come in that time! This thing is three xs as fast and does so much more. Even the root process was like heaven! It was rooted in 5 minutes. I remember sitting up all night figuring out and downloading stuff to root the TB. WOW. The phone is just awesome in every way!

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