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To keep or not to keep the Droid.. warranty related

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  1. vr6dubbin

    vr6dubbin Well-Known Member

    So... my droid is great. BUT my power button does not click anymore and although it doesn't bother me that much, it makes me wonder if I would be missing out by not going through with the warranty. All this other stuff I have been reading about refurbished droids and ineligibility for replacements makes me not want to even bother.

    Ive had this droid since December with zero issues or complaints really. I'm afraid if I get another one i'll be getting stuck with some new problems.

  2. nstallion

    nstallion Well-Known Member

    Does it work if you push it? The deciding factor nowadays is probably going to be that you can't get replacement Droids any more. Well that's not for certain but they have stopped making new ones and chances are most stores are out of refurbs.

    I'd check what your options are as far as replacements go before deciding.

    There was a big stink recently over asurion trying to give people Eris's as replacements and now they say they will offer Droid X's or Incredibles. I'm not sure what Verizon offers on a warranty return though.
  3. vr6dubbin

    vr6dubbin Well-Known Member

    Yeah it still works, just requires a bit of force towards the left side of the button for it to press down. It's annoying when I try to do it quick like i'm used to. Guess i'll give them a call tomorrow and see what's up. Or maybe take a trip to the VZW store...
  4. kwiknikk

    kwiknikk Member

    lol i posted the question of "what will i get as a replacement if i break my moto droid? A droid x?" and someone wrote, you're a douchebag you should be banned.. then my post got deleted:(

    I really want to know what my replacement will be.
  5. I think there's some bad intel going around here.

    VZW has a ton of Droids lying around. New or refurbished. It's Asurion that has the problems, but now they have one-upped VZW and instead of giving out Droids as replacements for Droids they do the X and DInc.

    What you're talking about is a warranty claim with VZW. I can't say you have a case with them or not (doing it over the phone is easier but going in to the store this time might be the best way), but if they do award you a replacement phone, it should at least be the Droid because the DO have them in stock.
  6. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Call and ask. Or wait and listen to hearsay that may or may not be correct...
  7. Polymira

    Polymira Well-Known Member

    Verizon is sending me a droid refurb as of yesterday to replace my droids headphone jack. They have plenty...

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