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  1. surveyor

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    Oct 26, 2010
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    I have only had my DHD a couple of weeks and generally am happy with it. However what I am having at times difficulty with is: Typing something, say into this forum, then hitting by mistake the back button instead of an arrow to edit the text; I often cannoyt get back to the page I am on to continue text entry. If I press the back button again it goes back to the page before I was trying to edit text and if I use the menu/forward button it does not take me back to where I was. Any solution?

    Also - much comment on this forum about Task Killers. I was advised by CPW to download one and I installed Advanced Task Killer. Reading this forum and I note the consensus is that they are not useful and use up battery. Having uninstalled my Task Killer I do get the impression that battery life is improved.


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