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  1. Nikaido86

    Nikaido86 Member

    I have noticed this ever since I got my phone. The headphone jack will not get a clear connection with most headphones I use, especially AUX cords. This causes either a muffled sound or a static hiss. I thought it was a software problem at first since PowerAmp corrected the problem (for awhile) but yesterday it totally stopped working. I'm pretty sure the connectors inside the jack are screwed up and always were. So if you have this problem right after buying (or replacing) your ZIO go get it replaced ASAP since there's a 24 hour limit on returns with Cricket (not sure about Sprint).

    I've seen posts of other people with this problem. It's a factory flaw for sure. In the future don't buy a ZIO (or any Kyocera product) if you have a choice in the matter.

    Now I'm off to the store to pay the $20 to get it replaced. -_-"

  2. lordjair

    lordjair New Member

    I had this issue and I thought maybe dust was blocking a contact. This has happened a few times and each time I just blow back into the headphone jack and it works. Maybe I'm lucky. But it can't hurt to try.
  3. misterlucky

    misterlucky New Member

    I never trust the jack on any device that small and delicate. The jacks on the mp3 players I used to buy would always go out; came to find out the simple act of inserting the male lead into the plug was damaging the delicate solder connection inside, and also pushing back the contact leads upon insertion, which quickly led to muddy sound, and the loss of one channel of stereo. You'll be a lot happier with bluetooth. With poweramp, and my regular Sony headphones, a bluetooth pendant i got off Ebay for $20, I almost believe I'm listening to high fidelity, circa 1977.

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