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To those who say the Fascinate's battery sux

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  1. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    I used to plug it in at night and battery bar would still be blue.

    Now, it's 8pm, I unplugged at 7:30am today and I'm already yellow bar and have gotten battery low warning.

    It appears to last long as long as I don't make calls, which is what a phone is for.
    12h 17m 4s since unplugged

    Voice calls 84%
    Display 7%
    Cell Stanby 5%
    Phone Idle 3%

    That makes no sense. Or maybe it does

    About 155 minutes (2 1/2 hours) on 27 calls and 7 missed calls.
    I have auto sync on, but only for Touchdown Exchange contacts, gmail mail and calendar, and facebook contacts (once per day)

    And my battery icon is blinking red now

  2. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

    Sometimes it's a rogue app that doesn't show up in battery stats. I had a clock widget that was sucking my battery dry, as soon as I got rid of it my battery life went back to normal.
  3. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    Any idea how I would find that?

    Most recent added apps:
    South Carolina Fanatic (possible)
    Google Sky Map
    Sudoku Free
    Bubble Burst Free
    Happening prior to these I think
    ESPN Bowl Bound
  4. Kaessa

    Kaessa Well-Known Member

    Honestly? I'm not sure. I just started deleted apps. I was lucky, that one was affecting my system performance as well, so when I made it go away, everything was happier.
  5. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    My personal best on light usage. This was DJ05 rom v.3 with the included kernel. FWIW, most of the uv kernels do pretty well on battery life, although a few rom, kernel, theme, widget, app combos can and do still drain things
  6. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    again, this thing is supposed to have 420 minutes of talk time. Even if that is overstated, it should get more than 150 minutes...

    Any way to check dates apps were added? Problem started about a month ago.
  7. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    wow yeah 150. This weekend I made a long long long call, 436 minutes, that was from 100% battery to 1%.

    Titanium Back Up can arrange your apps by install date but it does not give a date of install or does manage applications
  8. blueyce28

    blueyce28 Member

    In the beginning I was having horrible battery life as well for just moderate usage. Would be down 50% by 3 hours after unplugged. In case anyone is in Same boat as I was, I had exchange emails and 2 other email accounts. My exchange was set to push and other two emails were set to every 5 minutes. I found out push inky exchange was what's killing me. So now exchange is set to every half hour and other emails are set to every hour. I will talk on average up to 3-4hours a day. Google chat when not on computer. Text all day. Pandora or angrybirds during lunch. 18hours unplugged and still at 67% battery life. not bad.
  9. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    My Touchdown Exchange is set to check hourly. Only other email is Gmail and I think that's push. I've always had Gmail, so don't think that was problem.

    I did add a wallpaper from my South Carolina Fanatic app. I have since changed to stock wallpaper. I have also deleted Quick Uninstaller since I had it, deleted it, then added back. Not sure on timing, but battery was ok at first, then good, then bad. So maybe thought uninstaller was problem.

    If still issues, i will uninstall South Carolina fanatic app tonight.

    I will also try Titanium Backup to see if I've missed something.
  10. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    ok, that change worked a little better. About same useage, 6am off charger, turned yellow around 10-11pm. I just went and deleted the South Carolina Fanatic app anyway at 10:30.

    Noticed Titanium bkup was only for rooted phones, so didn't try.

    I still feel like I used to get better battery life. I specifically remember making lots of calls and being amazed my "voice calls" were 4th or so on the list st 20-30%. Now they are always 70%+. I don't know. ???
  11. II Kings 9:20

    II Kings 9:20 Well-Known Member

    Mine generally lasts from 7am to 10pm with light to moderate use. I was in a meeting all day yesterday with heavy email useage, several calls, a few texts. I unplugged at 5:30, used Navigation for 30 min (plugged in while driving) and I was on yellow by 2pm. The good thing with this is that on yellow I still checked a few emails and sent a few texts and did not go red until about 3:30. I had GPS and BT on the entire day. I was back in the car at 4 and plugged in never having it shut down. My D1 on yellow would be dead within 20 min. A couple of tips to get a bit more life. When in a meeting and GPS, WiFi, and BT are not necessary, turn them off. I always leave WFi off since I never never use it. All are easily turned back on with a key stroke. Last spring, my D1 under the same scenario performed about the same.
  12. Shifty_P

    Shifty_P New Member

    If anybody thinks this battery sucks, Try a blackberry storm. I had to charge mine overnight, and then again during the day to make it through the day. On the sam usage, this battery lasts me over two days.
  13. Anthony2816

    Anthony2816 Well-Known Member

  14. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    I have yet to find a need for an extended battery on this phone....but if you go that route id be warry of ebay batteries as many times they turn out to be cheap knockoffs from china that are big and labelled as 2150 or 2200 mah but in reality are nowhere near that

    Really if you want to go the extended route id pony up the extra cash and buy an official or seido one where/when available to whatever android pbone
  15. II Kings 9:20

    II Kings 9:20 Well-Known Member

    Yep, some have exploded while charging, one guy in Asia lost an eye from a cheap knock off blowing up in his face.
  16. droid_head

    droid_head Well-Known Member

    Once you tweak your phone and turn off the BS apps that run, etc., you can get almost two days out of the battery.

    My main problem is getting it to charge 100% while on. Since the phone is missing the power on alarm feature (God only knows why), you have to leave it on to charge the battery, which is a catch 22.

    These phones have so much running that you can't charge to 100%. They'll last a good 36 - 38 hours normal use on 100% if you can get there.
  17. Bearly

    Bearly Well-Known Member

    I don't get it. My brother's stock Fascinate (non-root) gets a solid day's worth of heavy use. In fact, Battery Left reports the battery as capable of running 25 hours, which is inline with his own observations.

    I don't get more than 12 hours. Battery Left reports about 12:30 total life.

    I know those widgets are not always accurate, but his lasts substantially longer than mine. Not sure why :(

    I'm not running any widgets that I think would be causing problems, either. He has TW and I'm running LP+. That's about the only diff I can think of.

    Any ideas?
  18. Kbluna

    Kbluna Active Member

    When I broke up with my girlfriend....and wasn't texting all day. I noticed it lasted twice as long. Not kidding...don't take this as a joke. I got home home with over 50% at 10pm every night.
  19. gtixpress

    gtixpress Active Member

    So what is the secret to getting good battery life on the Fascinate? My wife has one and it is lucky to make it an entire day with only light usage. It never seems to charge fully to 100% (typically reports ~98%) when done, and the battery has been replaced already. There isn't really anything running background wise that I can find. My Droid X, on the other hand can go over a day and half usually with more usage than hers. Shes been getting really frustrated with the phone and wishes she had her Blackberry back.
  20. MonkeyGrass

    MonkeyGrass Well-Known Member

    Sounds crazy, but slow texting or emailing, and web surfing, is what eats battery life... If you can crank out a quick txt or email reply in 20-30 seconds and put the phone back to sleep immediately, it saves battery life - big time. If you tend to read and re-read stuff, start a reply, edit the reply, then finally send it 2-3 minutes later, the screen is on the whole time and that is really what kills battery on these phones. The screen.

    4" of SAMOLED goodness comes at a price. ;)

    I can listen to MP3's or stream pandora or a football game on NFL for hours on end. Hardly any impact on the battery unless I leave the screen on, and then you can almost see the battery meter draining in front of your eyes.

    That's why battery life seems so random for many people... If you spend 30 minutes playing Angry Birds in the Dr's office waiting room expect your battery to die about 30-40%. If you use it for calls (screen off), streaming audio (screen off) and reply quickly to txts and emails, you will be going to bed with 40% or more battery life. I use the heck out of my phone, and besides plugging into a car charger when I'm navigating, I never charge it during the day and I can count on two hands the number of times it has hit me with the "please connect your charger" message before bedtime.

    It's all about how often the screen is on, your overall brightness settings, and how often your auto-sync apps poll.
  21. gtixpress

    gtixpress Active Member

    One thing that I forgot to mention was that the phone will drop 25% of its charge over night just sitting on the table. My Droid X will only go to 10% in the same period. I think that drop is a bit extreme. It only syncs Yahoo and Gmail (Neither allows for polling time changes) and I think Facebook. But there are no widgets running either.
  22. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    OK, hope I did this attach files right.

    This is all I've done today. 1hr 19min voice calls. 31% battery left. Cropped out phone idle 5% and Android System 2%.

    Is something wrong here?

    Very difficult time attaching files too. Saved from ShootMe, then it said file dimensions were too big and I had to crop manually. Gotta be an easier way for that too.

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  23. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    You started on 100%? and 10-11hrs later you're at 31% and all you've done is 80 minutes of call huh? Yeah that seems a bit not so good. Hard to say. What kernel were you on?
  24. reisb

    reisb Well-Known Member

    Yes started at 100% or 98%, whichever it is when you unplug.

    Everything is stock.

    GPS on
  25. triple486

    triple486 Well-Known Member

    I posted I got 100 hours a week ago. But, people couldn't believe without screenshot. So, this time I tried to take some screenshots on the phone, and didn't find any way to do it because my phone is not rooted.
    I just used my brother's incredible and took photo.

    this time it was 111 hours which is 4days 14~15 hours.

    of course, with minimal use. I definitely picked up incoming calls and used it sometimes.

    oh i used GPS for about 30-40 minutes, too.. i forgot

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