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  1. Mattuk

    Mattuk New Member

    Hi Forum,

    I have the Advent Vega tablet and very impressed with it I must say. I brought for specific features, one being the HDMI so I can view movies on my TV. Which it does more than adequately. Along with some other stuff like email, twitter, fbook etc.

    This is my first run with Android, Not used it before and I see that many people update them with the Mocado flash thingy!!!

    So is this worth doing, or does this really just add the APP store to your tablet and not allot else. My concern is flashing the tablet, getting it wrong and bricking it!

    I have dloaded apps from the web via the pages I found on here. :)

    Any advice is always appreciated as I am a noob




  2. tablet2011

    tablet2011 Well-Known Member


    I would get it updated as there are many more apps on market then on any websites.

    I was like u worried about messing it up that's why I took it to a PC shop.

    How are u finding you new tablet?

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