to update to 2.3.6 or not to updateGeneral

did you update to 2.3.6

  1. YES; i updated to 2.3.6 and i am glad i did

  2. YES; i updated to 2.3.6 and i am NOT happy i did

  3. NO i did not update to 2.3.6


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  1. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    So i did not chose to update to 2.3.6. i just used bobs kernel for screen fix and O/C;n i installed a sprint PRL and i am still running star rom. with root and CWM. and my phone runs great. fast 3g speeds. WiFi works fine. so i am just curious how many updated? and how many didn't? and for those of you who have updated was it worth it?

  2. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    I just updated mine this morning, so far everything seems to be working fine. wifi, 3G etc. The only visual difference I noticed so far was the unlock screen
  3. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    hows data speed ive heard some say there data sufferd after update
  4. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    Data speed seems about the same to me
  5. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    The only thing I do not like is they removed the call button from the call log, not you have to click on the contact and then call
  6. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

  7. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    Your text messages go wonky after the update.
    I've had two customers complain now about that.
  8. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    the more i hear the more i am glad i didnt update
  9. PH8AL

    PH8AL Well-Known Member

    Which 2.3.6 update. FC29 OR FF27. There were issues that FC29 and issues it caused which were then fixed by FF27.
    Personally I'm using the FC29 build of Ultrarom and the FF27 baseband with Bobzhome oc kernal.
    Works awesomely!
  10. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    well for me i get good data speeds screens fixed with bobs kernel i just dont c a need to update whats the point i have no issues if i got better data speeds or a nicer ui then yha but right now i dont c the point
  11. PH8AL

    PH8AL Well-Known Member

    Are you rooted? Been a few people getting better speeds with the FF27 baseband. 8 haven't seen a jump in peak speed but I have noticed an overall improvement idips between.
    Before I only used wifi for downloading large filesbecause of drops in speed causing a time ot mid way.

    I downloaded Project Belle(60mb) from the Play Store the other day. Took 4-5 minutes and completed with out trouble.

    You can update just your baseband if rooted.

    I personally don't like the FF27 lock screen. A tiny swipe any where on the screen and it opens.

    Toynbee! Been following it for awhile.
  12. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    So far my wife has found the following bugs on her non-rooted phone running FF27 (and I get to hear about it):

    -The SD card randomly unmounts
    -Text messages are received out of order
    -On the call log screen, the green phone button next to a call that you click on to return the call is gone.
    -Wireless location services doesn't work unless wifi is on and it's connected to a wifi network.

    And 1 annoyance, there is no way to switch to vibrate on the new lock screen.

    I ran the update for a day or so but quit using it because of the wireless location problems. I restored my tweaked 2.3.4 nandroid backup. I'm using Bob's oc kernal for the touch screen fix and updated my baseband to FF27 manually. That baseband update makes a HUGE difference and I recommend at least doing that to anyone who is avoiding the rest of the update.
  13. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    1. Thats not a FF27 or FG11 bug.. that was happening to me back in 2.3.4 and has been happening to others no matter what version software.. Im gonna go ahead and declare this a pos sdcard that they gave us stock.. I bought a 32gb class 6 card for about 20 bucks on amazon and have had 0 problems since.. Transcend 32 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS32GSDHC6: Electronics

    2. I have not had an issue with this but yeah it seems like many have since the update.

    3. Thats a change in software not a bug but good luck telling that to a wife.. I had one and they don't care what its called.. they don't like it. Hey, here is an idea those of you that miss it should make a feature request thread and ask for it in a custom rom. If enough support it a dev may be willing to add it in a future iteration of their rom. Or it may inspire more people to become more involved.

    4. I dunno about that one.. I always use gps.
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  14. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    maybe its were i am but my download speeds are very good havnt tesred them but i can download anything without any problem web speed is very good to so i say if its not broke dont fix it
    an yha love the whole tonybee idea loota
  15. Loota

    Loota Well-Known Member

    Wth is a toynbee? I keep seeing this but I don't get it.. I must be getting old..
  16. PH8AL

    PH8AL Well-Known Member

    Naw this has been around for as long as the net I do believe. For quite awhile these tiles with messages have been showing up randomly, first around New York and now around the world.
    No one knows for sure who or why. All we have is the message.

    Happened to me like most I guess. I saw comment by a guy in a forum and I asked? Then I said wait! I know where one of those things is. Went to look and it was gone but a post on a different forum where some ones trying to keep count said there are 14 in my city.

    Ive followed directions to where tiles are supposed to be. I think they don't last long because of the demographic here. You start talking about resurrecting the dead on planet Jupiter, well it gets people worked up.

    toynbee idea resurrect dead on planet jupiter - Bing Images


    What hooked me were the tiles themselves more than the message. Anonymously deliver a message that gets Global attention by making these tiles and sticking them to the streets
  17. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. Her's never did it before the update but I'll pick up a new one for her and try that. They're cheap enough. I replaced mine with an 8GB Pny right after I got the phone because 2GB is too small.
  18. PH8AL

    PH8AL Well-Known Member

    Did the same thing I paid $12 fo an 8gb Sandisk. Th stock card is really to small if your rooting, couple of backups and your done.
  19. h20

    h20 Well-Known Member

    so i broke down an manually updated my baseband to FF27. internet might be a slight bit faster. but signal swings a bit. didn't do that before. have to run it awhile. to see how i like it.

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