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  1. Annnie_Droid

    Annnie_Droid Member

    I've had my Note for less than a week and have been learning to input via the qwerty keypad and also the handwriting recognition.

    Since my device did an update to 4.0.4 this morning, some buttons have disappeared from the keyboard/writing screen which previously enabled fast toggling between the two input methods. This was especially useful when the handwriting recognition software just "wasn't getting" my scribble for a particular word!

    Also disappeared is the quick toggle to numeric keypad which was so useful when entering contacts' phone numbers.

    Have these really disappeared, or have I just "lost" them?
    Can they be restored?

  2. Annnie_Droid

    Annnie_Droid Member

  3. Annnie_Droid

    Annnie_Droid Member

    OK, let me ask an easier question - does anyone with ICS 4.0.4 actually HAVE these buttons on their keyboard?

    They are missing from mine after an upgrade from 4.0.3

    Missing Buttons | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

  4. banko

    banko Member

    missing on mine on ics 4.0.4
    you haven't lost them

    if you press on the cog, a menu comes up, highlight pen detection and handwriting pad should come up when pen is detected.
    but I cant get mine to work

  5. Annnie_Droid

    Annnie_Droid Member

    This seems like a significant loss of functionality for an alleged "upgrade", then?
  6. adijr

    adijr New Member


    I'm getting the same problem on the Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet - with version 4.0.4, I don't have those buttons, which were certainly useful. Any Fixes?

  7. Raj Sekhar

    Raj Sekhar Well-Known Member

    Go to settings<language &input<go to keyboard settings
    There you could see an option to add voice key on main keyboard
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  8. old me

    old me New Member

    Try a long press on the settings wheel (or the Keyboard or pen icons) and you will probably be able to toggle between the input methods and the settings tab
  9. Annnie_Droid

    Annnie_Droid Member

    Thanks - that's the solution:

    A long press of the Settings "cog" brings up a popup which allows you to select voice recording or pen input.

  10. Suzie5555

    Suzie5555 New Member

    Sorry I tried to answer without access to the full thread, my mistake.
  11. mgrant

    mgrant Member

    Something similar seems to have happened to me but the pen icon seems truly gone! I long-press the cog and I get a 2x4 grid of boxes letting me set that button to: a ',', '?', '!', ', paste, and the cog. No pen option!

    If I press the cog, I go to the Samsung Keyboard settings. Pen detection is enabled.

    The OCR keyboard seems to have completely disappeared! This seems to have happened when, shortly after I bought the phone, an update was proposed to me. It didn't seem to change the version of Android, I'm still running 4.1.1, so it must have been some vendor minor software update, but whatever it was, I can no longer see the pen in the keyboard but the pen does function in things like S-Note.

    Any idea how I re-enable the OCR pen input keyboard?
  12. mgrant

    mgrant Member

    Problem solved.

    I have a UK phone. Here's how I got into the mess without realizing it... I installed the US keyboard input language for the keyboard: settings->language and input->Samsung keyboard (gear)->Input Languages->English(US). I then set this to my input language.

    While the keyboard is set for US english, the Pen icon is not available (it's not even there). If you set it back to the English(UK), the pen comes back!

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