Tomorrow, Samsung GSIIS or HTC Vivid?

Samsung GSII Skyrocket or Vivid?

  1. Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket

  2. HTC Vivid

  3. Another ATT phone

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  1. mkilci1

    mkilci1 Well-Known Member

    I will be getting one tomorrow. Which one would you chose and why?


  2. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Galaxy S2 Skyrocket has a faster processor and larger bettery (1.2GHz vs 1.5GHz), both using qualcomm I believe, Skyrocket looks simalar to the T-Mobile version.

    Only thing that looks interesting on the Vivid is the 1080p recording at 60fps, but I'm guessing the higher framerate is at the expense of recording quality so I would still go with the Skyrocket.
  3. galfert

    galfert Member

    HTC Vivid is my choice

    HTC Sense
    HTC build quality and heft
    qHD resolution of 960 X 540
    Will probably get ICS before Samsung (given HTC track record)
    Prefer S-LCD to Super AMOLED (for true colors that aren't over-saturated)
    Better looking phone

    Processor speed (not likely to be noticable)
    Glossy plastic shows some smudges but just barely
    No NFC

    UPDATE: after having it for 24 hours I changed my mind on shows a little bit of smudges but just barely. Not like the HTC Fuze at all. I'm very happy with the materials choosen

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