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  1. filbert

    filbert Active Member

    Wondered if anyone else has tried the SF2 with a Tomtom for hands free calling?

    I have a Tomtom Go 1000 and it won't work. It paired ok and seems to connect but then the Tomtom pops up an error message - something like "phone not responding".

    Not a major issue for me as I rarely use the phone in the car - it's just handy to be able to pick up a call, on the rare occasions that I get one.

    I did wonder if there were any settings I could tweak, if I get root access?



  2. filbert

    filbert Active Member

    Good news, I've just installed an update to the Tomtom and re-paired the handset and it is working. I can even read my phone book.

    Let's hope it keeps working :)

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