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  1. ummatee

    ummatee New Member

    i have samsung y duos, android 2.3.6. (after rooting according to your description it still shows this version.)
    my problem: i have extreemly low upload speed. download about 1-3 mbt (enough for me), and upload not more than 95 kbt. when using voip they don't hear my voice. is the problem with phone model or android version? help please.
    when using another way of sim card connection network is ok

  2. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    Actually, by using mobile uploading speed all time slow.
    can you tell me when you download any app or songs that's condition how much time it take?

    if downloading speed fine means no error in phone setting, yes if you want more uploading speed so i will suggest buy new sim but before buy discuss with dealer it's uploading speed.

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